How to Get to Biograd na Moru: By Air, Land, or Sea

Whether you’re traveling by air, land, or the serene Adriatic Sea, this guide has got you covered.

From the scenic routes of the A1 motorway to the convenience of Zadar Airport, and the allure of ferry rides, discover the best ways to reach this Croatian gem.

Dive in and let me lead you through a seamless travel experience to Biograd na Moru.

By Car

For those venturing from Central, Northern, or Eastern Europe, the A1 motorway is your best friend. It promises a comfortable and scenic ride, allowing you to bask in the beauty of the Croatian landscape.

Now, if you’re entering Croatia from Western Europe, especially via the border crossings of Rupa or Pasjak, then the D8 state road is the way to go. This isn’t just a road, it’s an experience.

This scenic route traces the mesmerizing Adriatic coast. However, if you’re seeking a swifter ride, I highly recommend the A1 motorway route via Bosiljevo. It may seem a tad longer in terms of mileage, but the ride is smoother and often quicker.

When mapping out your journey:

  • From Zadar: The drive is a relatively short 28 km, clocking in at around 30 minutes if you take the D306 and D8. Alternatively, the D8 route by itself is just as appealing.
  • From Split: You’ll need to cover approximately 130 km, taking about 1 hour and 30 minutes, with the D8 being your direct route.
  • From Vodice: The distance to cover is around 36 km (or 22.4 miles). This short journey of approximately 32 minutes can be quite cost-effective, ranging between €5 – €9.

Travel Tips for Car Enthusiasts

Biograd na Moru is strategically positioned when it comes to Croatia’s motorway network. With the A1 motorway (linking Zagreb to Split) being just 20 km away, access is straightforward.

Moreover, the town itself is directly on the Adriatic State Road D8, making it even more convenient for travelers. Before hitting the road, ensure you have your driving license and essential documents at hand.

It’s also wise to familiarize yourself with Croatian traffic rules, as there might be some variations from what you’re used to. And don’t forget about the tolls; some routes might have charges, so it’s good to be prepared. Lastly, always arm yourself with a good map or GPS system to guide you on this exciting journey.

Croatian Auto Club (HAK) – Traffic Flow and Road Conditions Plage

By Bus

Hopping on a bus is a convenient and economical way to immerse yourself in Croatia’s scenic beauty. Let’s dive into the specifics to make your journey to Biograd na Moru seamless.

From Zadar

Ah, Zadar! If this is your starting point, you’re in luck. There are direct bus services that will whisk you to Biograd na Moru in no time. Liburnija d.o.o. Zadar is one of the main operators, offering hourly bus departures. Your ride will take just about 37 minutes, and tickets are quite budget-friendly, ranging from €3 to €5.

But that’s not all. Several other providers connect these two stunning locations. FlixBus, for example, is a popular choice among many. They run services twice a day, clocking in at an average of 35 minutes. While the ticket might set you back between €5 and €8, they more than make up for it with their range of amenities.

Think free Wi-Fi to share your travel snaps on the go, power outlets to keep your devices juiced up, and some delectable onboard snacks and drinks to keep those travel munchies at bay. Other notable bus operators servicing this route include Samoborček, Autobusni Promet, and BlaBlaCar.

General Bus Travel Tips

Positioned conveniently, the Biograd Bus station is right in the town’s heart, ensuring you won’t have to trek miles to get to your destination. If you’re looking to explore further, buses run like clockwork from Biograd to Šibenik and Zadar. And if you have your sights set on Croatia’s more prominent cities, direct bus routes will also get you to places like Zagreb and Split.

By Plane

So, you’re considering flying your way to the mesmerizing town of Biograd na Moru? That’s a fabulous choice! Here’s everything you need to know about reaching Biograd na Moru from Zadar by air.

Zadar Airport (ZAD) Overview

Located in the quaint town of Zemunik Donjem, the Zadar Airport is your nearest air gateway to Biograd na Moru. It sits cozily about 30 km from your final destination, making it incredibly convenient. Not only that, but it’s strategically positioned near the Zagreb-Split Superhighway, specifically at the Zadar 2 junction, and it’s just a short 8 km hop from the heart of Zadar.

Your Flight Options

Zadar is well-connected, both domestically and internationally.

  • Domestic Connections: Frequent fliers can easily catch flights from prominent cities like Zagreb and Pula straight to Zadar.
  • European Connections: A multitude of European cities boast direct flight connections to Zadar, simplifying your travel plans.
  • International Connections: For those coming from farther international destinations, the best route would be to land in Zagreb and then hop onto a domestic flight to Zadar.

From Zadar Airport to Biograd na Moru

  • By Road: The distance between Zadar Airport and Biograd na Moru is roughly 18 miles by road, translating to a 30-minute drive.
  • Bus Transfer: While there’s no direct bus connecting Zadar Airport to Biograd na Moru, you won’t be stranded. Start with a bus from the airport to the main Zadar bus station. From there, you can easily catch another bus to Biograd na Moru. The entire trip, including waiting for transfers, sums up to around 1 hour 31 minutes.
  • Taxi Rides: If you’re looking for a more direct and private mode of transport, taxis are at your service right outside the airport. The journey is a swift 30 minutes, with fares estimated between €40 to €60 (make sure to agree on the price prior to getting into taxi to avoid unscrupulous drivers taking advantage of you).

Zadar International Airport (ZAD)

By Ferry

Ahoy, sea lovers! If your path to the picturesque Biograd na Moru weaves across the azure waters of the Adriatic, then taking the ferry might just be the perfect choice for you. The soothing lull of the waves, the salty breeze in your hair, and the beckoning shores of Biograd await!

General Information

Biograd na Moru is nestled about 30 km away from Zadar, making it a delightful ferry journey for anyone coming in from that direction. The ferry terminal, conveniently located by the main promenade and near a quaint ACI-marina, provides an ideal entry point to this coastal gem. If you’re curious about connections, you’re in luck; Biograd enjoys a regular ferry line to the charming town of Tkon.

Port Facilities

Efficiently designed for travelers, the ferry terminal houses its own ticket office. And for those early arrivals or longer waits, nearby amenities ensure comfort. You’ve got bars to grab a refreshing drink, restaurants to sample local flavors, shops for last-minute souvenirs, and ATMs for quick cash.

Navigating to and from Biograd na Moru Port

The intimacy of Biograd’s size means the port is a pleasant walk away from most places in the town. However, for those with heavy luggage or just looking to take it easy, taxis are readily available to whisk you to your desired location.

From Zadar Airport to Biograd na Moru Port

Zadar Airport, sitting approximately 25 km away, serves as a great access point for those flying in. For a direct journey, consider pre-booking a transfer or hailing a taxi right to the port. For a more budget-friendly option, shuttle buses are your go-to.

They connect the airport to Zadar’s primary bus station (close to the ferry terminal). This short hop costs about €3 and takes a mere 15-20 minutes. Once at Zadar’s bus station, tickets for Biograd na Moru are easily obtainable.

Reaching Biograd na Moru Port from Other Destinations

Biograd is woven into Croatia’s intricate bus network, boasting connections with major locales. The town’s primary bus station is just a brisk 500-meter stroll from the ferry terminal. And for those cruising in by car, you won’t miss the clearly marked signs pointing towards the ferry as you enter the town.

Exploring Ferry Routes from Biograd na Moru

Your choices are aplenty! Set your course from:

  • Biograd na Moru to Tkon, on the scenic island of Pašman.
  • Biograd na Moru to the serene Pakostane.
  • Biograd na Moru to the tranquil island of Vrgada.

Additional Insights

For those looking to explore further or coming in from a distant shore, there’s a ferry connection spanning from Ancona to Zadar. Additionally, a local connecting ferry elegantly bridges Biograd and the island of Pašman.

Dive Deeper into the Charm of Biograd na Moru

Now that you’ve found out how to get to Biograd na Moru, why not explore the myriad of activities and sights this enchanting town has to offer? Unearth the top things to do in Biograd na Moru, from historical landmarks to vibrant local events.

If you’re short on time, consider taking a day trip to Biograd na Moru, where every corner holds a story waiting to be told. For those looking to venture beyond, there are numerous day trips from Biograd na Moru that promise adventures in the surrounding regions.

And of course, no visit would be complete without basking on the best beaches in Biograd na Moru, where the Adriatic Sea’s azure waves kiss the golden sands. As the sun sets, retreat to one of the best hotels in Biograd na Moru and let the town’s magic lull you into dreams of your next Croatian adventure.

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