9 Fantastic Day Trips From Biograd na Moru

From the serene waters of Lake Vrana Nature Park to the historic streets of Zadar, each destination offers a unique blend of nature, history, and culture.

Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a history enthusiast, or someone seeking the tranquility of pristine beaches, these day trips from Biograd na Moru are sure to leave an indelible mark on your memories.

Dive in and discover the enchanting beauty of Croatia’s landscapes and the rich tapestry of its heritage.

Lake Vrana Nature Park (Vransko Lake)

Trip Highlights:

  • The best birdwatching spot in Croatia.
  • Fascinating biking and hiking trails.
  • Kayaking in the serene environment of Vransko Lake.
  • Incredible views from Kamenjak viewpoint.
  • Tasting of local produce at Kamenjak.
  • A variety of accommodation options at Crkvine campsite.
  • Fun-filled adventure park for kids.

Only a short journey from Biograd na Moru, you’ll find Lake Vrana Nature Park (Vransko Lake), the largest natural lake in Croatia. This haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts sits conveniently between the cities of Zadar and Šibenik, a vast landscape stretching over 57 km², with the lake itself accounting for 30.02 km² of brackish water-filled karst valley.

What makes Vransko Lake fascinating is its cryptodepression characteristics, meaning a part of it hides below sea level. It’s not just geological features that make this park special; the lake is a sanctuary for birds and fish alike. With 256 bird species calling this park home and 102 nesting in the park, it’s considered one of Croatia’s prime birdwatching spots.

Cycling enthusiasts will relish the 40 km bike trail encircling the lake. This picturesque route promises a sensory delight of colors and wild plant aromas, offering numerous observation points along the way. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. With hiking, kayaking, and even an adventure park for kids on offer, there’s no chance for a dull moment.

Whether you’re watching birds rear their chicks, sampling locally made wine and cheese at the Kamenjak viewpoint, or conquering the easy “MTB 29 Vrana 1” biking trail, your day will be full of discoveries.

If you’re keen to explore the local flora, the 5 km botanical trail is a must-do. The wooden ‘Educational trail of the Birds of Lake Vrana’ provides another intriguing option, weaving through the ornithological reserve. A range of accommodation options are available at the Crkvine campsite, and for those who crave a waterborne adventure, kayaks are available for rent at the Port of Prosika entrance.

Useful Information:

  • Working Hours: 8:00 AM – 20:00 PM every day
  • Ticket Prices:
  • Adults: 5 €
  • Children 7-18 years: 2.5 €
  • Family Pass: 12.5 €
  • Children under 7:  free
  • Bike Rentals: 3 € per hour or 15 € per day
  • Electric Bike Rentals: 6 € per hour or 30 € per day
  • Kayak Single Rentals: 5 € per hour or 16 € per day
  • Kayak Tandem Rentals: 7 € per hour or 24 € per day
  • Various Tours offered ranging from 10 € to 30+ €, depending on the length and complexity

Kornati and Telašćica Full-Day Boat Tour

Trip Highlights:

  • A scenic boat ride through numerous Croatian islands.
  • The natural splendor of Kornati and Telašćica Parks.
  • A chance to swim in the safest bay on the Adriatic and Salt Lake.
  • Delicious meals and refreshments during the trip.
  • Pristine beaches and picturesque hiking opportunities.
  • Unique diving spots at Piškera and Mana Islands.
  • A visit to the beautiful beach at Levrnaka Island.

Embark on a captivating journey from Biograd na Moru to the Kornati National Park and Telašćica Nature Park by boat. Over the course of a day, traverse a tapestry of islands like Pašman, Žižanj, and Žut, each adding to the visual treat of this 2-hour voyage.

The Kornati National Park is a mosaic of 150 islands and islets scattered across 320 hectares, making it the most densely indented coastal area in the Mediterranean. Telašćica Nature Park seamlessly extends from Kornati, offering the largest and safest bay on the Adriatic, a serene oasis where you can plunge into the tranquil waters or float in the highly saline Salt Lake known for its therapeutic properties.

Your boat tour includes an opportunity to marvel at Telašćica bay, offering the option to swim, walk to the viewpoint above the staggering 150-meter cliffs, or enjoy the spectacular sight of these cliffs diving into the open sea south of Dugi Otok.

The journey offers more than just beautiful landscapes; it’s a feast for the senses. You’ll stop at Pinizel on Žut Island, where a cold platter filled with bruschetta, tuna pate, salads, cheese, and olives awaits you, followed by an afternoon fruit refreshment and coffee.

The main meal, a mouth-watering pasta with tomato sauce and mussels, is served during the primary stop in Telašćica bay. A final stop near Pašman Island provides a refreshing pause on the journey back.

Kornati and Telašćica offer an experience of unmatched natural splendor. Bask in the azure waters, explore pristine beaches, marvel at the stunning islands, or hike for breathtaking views.

For the more adventurous, diving spots like Piškera and Mana Islands offer an underwater spectacle, with wall-shaped coastlines plunging deeper than 30 meters. And for those who adore white sand, the Levrnaka Island beach is a perfect paradise.

Prices for adults and children aged 12 and over are 80 €, while children aged 6 to 11 enjoy a discounted rate of 40 €. The journey is free for children aged 5 and under, making this a family-friendly day trip.

Check out latest prices for Kornati and Telašćica Full-Day Boat Tour from Biograd:

Krka National Park

Trip Highlights:

  • The stunning Skradinski Buk waterfall.
  • Informative walking trails and museum.
  • Historical sites like Krka Monastery and Visovac Island.
  • Pet-friendly environment.
  • The inclusive boat excursions.
  • Multiple transportation options from Biograd na Moru.
  • Diverse dining options across the park.

Just over an hour’s drive from Biograd na Moru, you’ll find the breathtaking Krka National Park, a picturesque haven of natural beauty. Boasting seven awe-inspiring waterfalls, the most famous being Skradinski Buk, this national park promises an unforgettable day trip experience.

Choosing your mode of transportation to Krka National Park from Biograd na Moru depends on your preferences for convenience, speed, and budget. If you’re keen on public transport, hop on a bus for a journey that takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, costing between 10 € – 15 €. This is a cost-effective and straightforward option. 

If you prefer to drive yourself, you’ll be there in about 1 hour 10 minutes, with fuel costs ranging from 11 € – 17 €. For those who’d rather leave the driving to someone else, taxis are available. While it’s the fastest and most convenient method, it’s significantly pricier, with fares ranging from 85 € – 110 €. If you choose a taxi, be sure to ask the driver for the fare in advance to avoid surprises.

Once inside the park, you’ll discover a wide array of attractions beyond its magnificent waterfalls. Explore the park’s walking trails, uncover the rich history housed in its museum, and visit timeless historical sites like the Krka Monastery and Visovac Island. Although swimming is no longer permitted, the park’s majestic beauty provides ample photographic opportunities and peaceful moments of reflection.

As a dog-friendly park, your furry friend is more than welcome to join in on the adventure. For your convenience, you’ll find picnic areas and restaurants scattered across the park, though you’re free to bring your own food and water. Want to get up close to the waterfalls? Take advantage of the boat excursions included in your ticket price.

Keep in mind the park’s operating hours vary by season, as do the entrance fees. Adult tickets range from 4 € – 27 €, student tickets from 2.5 € – 20 €, and children of certain ages can enjoy free admission.

Do remember, summer can bring crowds and higher temperatures, so bring plenty of water and dress comfortably. You’ll find the park has well-maintained restroom facilities and reasonable food and drink prices. Just be careful as some areas of the park can be slippery when wet. A trip to Krka National Park is a journey to the heart of Croatia’s unspoiled natural splendor.

Paklenica National Park

Trip Highlights:

  • Remarkable canyons, Velika and Mala Paklenica.
  • Diverse flora and fauna.
  • Climbing routes for adventure seekers.
  • Historical caves, including Manita peć cave.
  • Walking and biking trails through diverse landscapes.
  • Picnic areas and restrooms along trails.
  • Ethnographic house at the entrance.
  • Comfortable access and hiking trails.
  • Restaurants and shops on the way.

Just an hour and a half by bus or an hour by taxi or car from Biograd na Moru, you can discover the majestic beauty of Paklenica National Park. Nestled on the southern slopes of Velebit Mountain, this 95 km² park features two stunning canyons, Velika and Mala Paklenica, deeply engraved into the mountainous landscape.

The journey from Biograd na Moru to Paklenica National Park can be done by bus, taxi, or car. The bus journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the fare ranges from 7 € to 11 €. The taxi or car journey takes around 1 hour.

A vibrant tapestry of biodiversity, Paklenica is home to over 1,000 recorded plant species and subspecies, including 79 endemics. The park’s unique geomorphological forms and structures also house a diverse array of wildlife, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

If you’re an adventurer at heart, the park’s 400-meter high vertical slopes at the entrance have earned it the reputation as one of Europe’s most attractive climbing destinations. But even if you’re not a climber, the park’s natural beauty is undeniably captivating.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the area as you explore caves and pits that were homes to bears and their hunters 30,000 years ago. Make sure not to miss the Manita peć cave, home to 80,000-year-old stalagmites and stalactites.

Walking and biking trails meander through the park’s varied landscapes, offering glimpses of towering cliffs, rare plants, and human artifacts. With picnic areas and restrooms along the way, your journey will be as comfortable as it is awe-inspiring.

At the park entrance, you’ll find an ethnographic house offering souvenirs, information, and refreshments. Thanks to its close proximity to the Adriatic highway and the motorway, access to the park is straightforward. Even amidst the wild nature of the park, a comfortable hiking trail takes you through the rugged beauty of Velika Paklenica.

Keep in mind, though, some trails, like one accessible from Entrance 2, are challenging and recommended only for fit individuals. They involve climbing over loose rocks and are not suitable for dogs. While cash is necessary for purchasing snacks and drinks along hiking paths, the park offers excellent value for its entrance fee of 10 € per person in peak season months. Children, students, and seniors can get in at discounted rates.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Trip Highlights:

  • The interconnected terraced lakes and waterfalls.
  • Various walking and hiking trails.
  • Access to shuttle buses and ferry boats.
  • Dog-friendly environment.

Less than a two-hour drive from Biograd na Moru, Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of Croatia’s oldest and largest national parks, beckons with its serene beauty and extraordinary biodiversity. Nestled among verdant hills, the park is famed for its 16 terraced lakes interconnected by cascading waterfalls, creating a spectacle that’s worth every moment of your visit.

Traveling from Biograd na Moru to Plitvice Lakes National Park, you can take a bus for about 15 € – 20 €, which will get you there in around 3 hours and 9 minutes. Alternatively, the quickest way is by car. It takes approximately 2 hours and 1 minute and costs around 25 € – 40 € in fuel. The park is about 66 miles away from Biograd na Moru, but the road distance is slightly longer at 97.4 miles.

The park welcomes visitors year-round, with varying operating hours depending on the season. Entrance tickets vary in price, peaking in high season (June to September) at 40 € for adults and 16 € for children aged 7 to 18. Children under 7 enter for free. You’ll find discounts for two-day visits, students, groups, and those with disabilities. The price includes rides on the park’s shuttle buses and ferry boats, adding to your exploration options.

Offering walking and hiking trails ranging from 3 to 8 hours, the park suits adventurers of all levels. Entrance 1 and Entrance 2 provide access to the lakes, and your furry friends are welcome too, as long as they’re leashed.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, bring water, and enjoy the convenience of multiple toilets and cafeterias spread across the park. And remember, while some may find the park a little pricey, the unique and unforgettable experience it offers makes it well worth it.


Trip Highlights:

  • Visiting the melodious Sea Organ and the historical Roman Forum for free.
  • Climbing the Cathedral of St. Anastasia’s bell tower.
  • Viewing the stunning collections in the Museum of Church Art.
  • Exploring the city’s vibrant heart at Petar Zoranic Square.
  • Enjoying a playful time at the Museum of Illusions.

Zadar, a city rich in history and culture, is just a short trip from Biograd na Moru. The 28 km journey can be made quickly by taxi in approximately 26 minutes, albeit at a higher price of 35 € – 50 €. For a more economical option, consider taking a bus via Murvica, which costs between 5 € – 8 € and takes around 1h 20m. Driving or using a town car service are also viable options.

Once in Zadar, you can follow my one-day trip to Zadar itinerary or tailor your own experience. If you opt for the latter, here’s my list of the best things to do in Zadar and the list of all the incredible beaches in and around Zadar.

Visit the Byzantine masterpiece, the Church of St. Donatus, for around 3 €. Immerse yourself in the melodious rhythm of the sea at the Sea Organ, a free and open 24 hours attraction that harnesses the ocean waves to produce music.

Next, explore the Roman Forum in the old town, a historical site dating back to the 3rd century that you can visit for free. Stroll to the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, Zadar’s most monumental building. Entry to the cathedral is free, but a small fee of around 2 € allows you to ascend the bell tower.

For art aficionados, the Museum of Church Art, known as “The Gold and Silver of Zadar,” exhibits a brilliant collection of religious art for around 4 €. Afterwards, unwind at Petar Zoranic Square, a lively city space housing an ancient stone sarcophagus with skeletons dating back to 750-850 AD.

Complete your visit to Zadar with a playful stop at the Museum of Illusions, an interactive attraction sure to delight and intrigue. Entrance fees range from 6.64 to 9.29 € for individuals and 26.54 € for families.


Trip Highlights:

  • UNESCO World Heritage site – Saint James Cathedral.
  • Majestic views from four different fortresses.
  • The city’s vibrant music and festival scene.
  • The picturesque Banj Beach.
  • An immersive gastronomic journey into traditional Dalmatian cuisine.

A mere 43 minutes’ drive from Biograd na Moru lies the historic city of Šibenik, a sparkling gem in central Dalmatia where the Krka River meets the Adriatic Sea. With options of travel ranging from buses to taxis or self-driving, Šibenik is conveniently accessible for a day trip. If budget is a key consideration, driving yourself is the cheapest option, costing between 6 € – 10 €. 

However, if comfort and convenience top your priorities, a taxi would be your best bet, with fares ranging between 70 €- 90 €. Be sure to confirm the fare in advance to avoid any surprises. For those who’d prefer to leave the driving to someone else, buses present a cost-effective alternative, with tickets ranging from 6 € – 13 €.

Steeped in rich history and cultural significance, Šibenik is renowned for its iconic fortresses, vibrant music festivals, and stunning beaches. Its crowning glory, the Saint James Cathedral, is a unique architectural marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage site, built entirely of stone.

Take a journey back in time by visiting the city’s four fortresses: St. Michael’s, St. John’s, Šubićevac, and St. Nicholas. Each offers a unique vantage point over the city, with views that will take your breath away. The city also pulses with life during its annual International Children’s Festival and an array of music festivals, catering to diverse musical tastes.

A visit to Šibenik would be incomplete without spending some time at Banj Beach, a beloved spot among both locals and tourists. Offering sweeping views of the city and surrounding islands, it’s a must-see. To round off your visit, indulge in the city’s rich gastronomic scene. Many restaurants serve traditional Dalmatian cuisine, offering a flavorful end to your day trip.


Trip Highlights:

  • Historical exploration at Diocletian’s Palace and the Cathedral of St. Domnius.
  • Exquisite local wine tasting at Putalj Winery.
  • Visit to the ancient Roman ruins at Salona.
  • Peaceful moments at the Franciscan Monastery and Church of St. Francis.
  • Majestic views from Marjan Hill.
  • Cultural enrichment at various museums and galleries.
  • Thrilling football match at Poljud.
  • Leisurely walk along the Riva Promenade.

A journey from Biograd na Moru to the beautiful coastal city of Split can be as quick as 1 hour 30 minutes if you’re driving (fuel costs between 11 € – 17 €), or you could opt for a bus ride of 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours 30 minutes, which will cost you around 9 € – 14 €. Alternatively, consider the ferry for a more scenic trip, which takes roughly the same time as the bus and costs between 5 € – 8 €.

Once in Split, a world of attractions awaits you. Here’s my suggestion for a great one-day visit to Split but if you want a comprehensive list of things to do in Split, I’ve got you covered. If you ever find yourself wanting to cool off on the beach, here’s a list of beaches worth visiting in Split.

Explore the historic Diocletian’s Palace, where some parts are free to access, while others require a fee. Your next stop might be the Cathedral of St. Domnius, with tickets ranging from 6.63 € to 10.61 €.

The ancient Roman ruins of Salona are an absolute must-visit, with a modest entry fee of around 5 €. The Franciscan Monastery and Church of St. Francis offer tranquility without any admission cost, while the iconic Golden Gate is another free attraction. To break away from the city bustle, make your way to Marjan Hill – no entry fee here either!

For history and art enthusiasts, the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments and Ivan Meštrović Gallery, with entry fees around 4 € and 5 € respectively, are worth a visit.

The Game of Thrones Museum is a treat for series fans, with entry costing around 15 €. Enjoy a local football game at Poljud, or attend a performance at the Croatian National Theatre, with ticket prices varying. Lastly, take a stroll down Riva Promenade or visit the Museum of Fine Art (5 € for adults, 3 € for students).


Trip Highlights:

  • The awe-inspiring architecture of St. Lawrence’s Cathedral.
  • Stunning views from Kamerlengo Castle.
  • Exploring local crafts and flavors at Delicium Nostrum.
  • Relaxing walks along the Trogir Riva Promenade.
  • The historically significant Clock Tower, Loggia, and St. Mark’s Tower.
  • The tranquil Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas.

Just over an hour’s journey from Biograd na Moru, the historic town of Trogir awaits, nestled on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Čiovo. Check out my guide on making the most out of a one-day trip to Trogir. Alternatively, check out my article on things to do in Trogir as well as the article on the best Trogir beaches if you want to tailor your own experience that suits you the most.

Transportation options include bus, taxi, or car, offering flexibility for every traveler. Buses run once daily and are an economical choice, with a trip costing between 9 € -12 € and taking around 1 hour 30 minutes.

Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an architectural treasure trove. At the heart of the town, you’ll find the St. Lawrence’s Cathedral, a Romanesque-Gothic masterpiece, with ticket prices around 3 € for adults and 2 € for students and children.

Just a short walk away stands the 15th-century Kamerlengo Castle, offering stunning views from its towers. Entry is around 4 € for adults and 2 € for students and children aged 7-18.

While Ćipiko Palace isn’t typically open for interior tours, its remarkable exterior and courtyard warrant a visit. Don’t miss the Church and Monastery of St. Dominic, showcasing Trogir’s sacral architecture, accessible for a small entrance fee. After soaking up the history, explore local flavors and crafts at the Delicium Nostrum souvenir shop.

Leisurely walks along the Trogir Riva Promenade offer views of yachts bobbing in the harbor and an array of bars, restaurants, and shops. Among the historic landmarks of Trogir, you’ll find the Clock Tower and Loggia, also recognized by UNESCO, and St. Mark’s Tower, a 15th-century defensive structure. To round off your visit, stop by the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas, a tranquil retreat continuously inhabited since 1064.

Discover More of Biograd na Moru

After exploring the delightful day trips from Biograd na Moru, you might be wondering what else this Croatian gem has in store. Dive deeper into the heart of Biograd and uncover its many treasures.

From the vibrant activities and attractions that keep visitors enthralled, to the perfect day itinerary that showcases the town’s essence, there’s so much to experience.

And for those sun-seekers, the pristine beaches of Biograd await, offering a tranquil escape. As the day winds down, consider resting at one of the top-rated hotels in town, ensuring a comfortable stay.

If you’re planning your journey, our comprehensive guide on how to reach Biograd na Moru by air, land, or sea will ensure a smooth travel experience. Dive in and let Biograd’s charm captivate you!

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