Finding the 7 Best Beaches on Mljet Island

Exploring the best beaches on Mljet Island is a journey into the heart of Croatia’s natural splendor.

Each beach is uniquely appealing, from the secluded Limuni Beach to the family-friendly Saplunara Beach, and the tranquil Sutmiholjska Beach.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an adventurous exploration, these beaches promise unforgettable experiences amidst crystal-clear waters and stunning natural landscapes.

Limuni Beach (aka Blaca Beach)

Overall Rating4.8/10
Cleanliness7/10 – Generally clean, occasional plastic debris.
Accessibility5/10 – Accessible by car or bike, challenging road, distant public transport.
Facilities3/10 – Minimal amenities, nearest shops/restaurants in Saplunara.
Activities4/10 – Ideal for snorkeling, open water swimming, playing, and relaxing.
CrowdSecluded – Peaceful and often deserted.
Natural FeaturesSandy shore, warm and shallow waters, sunny until sunset.
Man-made FeaturesMinimal – No direct bars/restaurants, lack of beach facilities.
Family-FriendlinessYes – Suitable for families, shallow waters.
Nearby AttractionsKnown for natural beauty, filming location for “Survivor.”
NegativesLack of facilities, algae in water, challenging road, mosquitoes at sunset.
Tips and RecommendationsPrepare in advance, suitable for quiet beach experience, caution for glass shards/debris.
OtherNo phone signal, trash cleaned annually by locals/volunteers.

First Impressions: Limuni Beach, also known as Blaca, is a hidden gem located near Saplunara bay on the eastern end of Mljet Island. This natural, virgin beach offers a peaceful and secluded environment, perfect for those seeking privacy and relaxation.

Natural Features: The beach is celebrated for its sandy shore and warm, shallow waters, making it ideal for families and children. The beautiful scenery and sunny disposition until sunset provide excellent photo opportunities.

Man-made Features: Limuni Beach is characterized by its minimal amenities. The nearest shops and restaurants are a 15-minute walk away in Saplunara.


  • Accessibility: The beach is accessible by car or bike, though the road can be challenging with a mix of tarmac and gravel. Public transport is an option, but it requires a walk from the bus stop.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The lack of facilities on the beach means visitors should prepare well in advance. There are no bars or restaurants directly on the beach.
  • Safety: The beach is often deserted, offering a peaceful environment. However, visitors should be cautious of glass shards and debris in the water.
  • Cleanliness: Generally clean, though some plastic debris may be present, mostly brought in by the sea and cleaned annually by locals and volunteers.
  • Crowd: The beach is secluded and perfect for those seeking a quiet, Robinson Crusoe-type beach experience.


  • Water Activities: Ideal for snorkeling and open water swimming, although some visitors reported algae in the water.
  • Land Activities: The beach is more suitable for playing and relaxing than for swimming.

Nearby Attractions: The beach is known for its natural beauty. It was also a filming location for a Croatian version of the reality show “Survivor.”

Recommendation: Definitely recommended for visitors seeking a secluded beach experience. It’s suitable for families, but preparation is key due to the lack of facilities. Be cautious of glass shards and debris in the water, and note that mosquitoes can be a problem at sunset.

Local Tips:

  • Best Time to Visit: The beach is sunny all day until sunset.
  • Beach Etiquette: Prepare well in advance due to the lack of facilities. Suitable for visitors seeking a quiet, Robinson Crusoe-type beach experience.
  • Connectivity: No phone signal available on the beach.

Saplunara Beach

Overall Rating8.5/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Well-maintained and clean.
Accessibility9/10 – Easily accessible, details on transportation routes not specified.
Facilities8/10 – Cafe available, toilets on-site, but some facilities like playground need attention.
Activities8/10 – Ideal for sandy beach activities and safe, shallow water swimming.
CrowdNot too crowded – Offers a peaceful experience.
Natural FeaturesFine white sand, shallow water depth, crystal-clear sea water.
Man-made FeaturesSmall cafe, toilets, option to rent beach beds and umbrellas.
Family-FriendlinessHighly suitable for families, safe for children.
Nearby AttractionsLocated in a protected natural park, surrounded by a pine forest.
PositivesCleanliness, family-friendly nature, basic amenities, natural shade, serene environment.
NegativesNon-functional kids’ playground, overpriced restaurant on the beach.
TipsIdeal for families, use natural shade or rent sunbeds, be mindful of overpriced dining options.

First Impressions: Saplunara Beach, a hidden gem on Mljet Island near Sobra village, Croatia, offers a serene and picturesque setting. Its location in a protected natural park and the surrounding pine forest enhance its natural allure.

Natural Features: The beach is celebrated for its fine white sand and spacious territory. The shallow water depth near the shore makes it safe and inviting, especially for children. The crystal-clear sea water and the serene environment are the main highlights.

Man-made Features: Facilities include a small cafe serving Mediterranean cuisine and on-site toilets. However, there’s a mention of a non-functional kids’ playground and a restaurant considered overpriced.


  • Accessibility: Easily accessible, although specific details about transportation or access routes are not provided.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Basic amenities like cold beverages, ice cream, and coffee are available at the cafe. The option to rent beach beds and umbrellas is appreciated.
  • Safety: The calm environment of the beach suggests a safe setting for visitors, though no specific safety guidelines are mentioned.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is well-maintained, with visitors appreciating its cleanliness.
  • Crowd: Popular among both locals and tourists, yet it often remains uncrowded, offering a peaceful experience.


  • Water Activities: The shallow and sandy water entry is ideal for families and safe for children.
  • Land Activities: The sandy surface is perfect for beach activities like building sand structures.

Nearby Attractions: The beach’s location in a protected natural park and its proximity to a pine forest add to its charm.

Recommendation: Highly recommended for those seeking a refreshing vacation in a not-too-crowded setting. Ideal for families and beachgoers who enjoy sandy beaches. Visitors suggest making use of the natural shade or renting sunbeds for comfort.

Local Tips:

  • Best Time to Visit: Ideal for a quiet family holiday.
  • Beach Etiquette: Utilize the natural shade or rent sunbeds for a comfortable experience.
  • Dining: Be cautious of the overpriced restaurant directly on the beach.

Sutmiholjska Beach

Overall Rating5.3/10
Cleanliness6/10 – Varies; some areas not very tidy.
Accessibility6/10 – No direct public transport; requires a taxi or scooter from Babino Polje.
Facilities5/10 – Basic amenities available; lacks essential beach facilities.
Activities4/10 – Excellent for snorkeling and exploring natural beauty.
CrowdNot too crowded – Ideal for a tranquil experience.
Natural FeaturesClear, turquoise water; rocky terrain with smooth stones.
Man-made FeaturesSmall restaurant, cafe, corner shop; free parking for 25 cars.
Family-FriendlinessYes – Suitable for children and families.
Nearby AttractionsClose to campsites and holiday homes; small cave at the bay’s edge.
Cost ConsiderationsFree parking; bring own food and water.
Best Time to VisitEarly morning to avoid crowds and secure parking.
Beach EtiquetteBring sun protection, water, and snacks; explore responsibly.

First Impressions: Sutmiholjska Beach, located on the picturesque southern shore of Mljet Island, Croatia, is a hidden gem offering a secluded and peaceful environment. Its clear and turquoise waters are a highlight, set against the backdrop of scenic roads and lush pine trees.

Natural Features: The beach is sunny throughout the day, with some afternoon shade in the western part. Its natural beauty is complemented by the rocky terrain with smooth stones, making it comfortable for barefoot exploration.

Man-made Features: Facilities include a small restaurant, cafe, and a basic corner shop. The beach also boasts free parking for about 25 cars, though the lot can get crowded.


  • Accessibility: The beach is located between the villages of Ropa and Babino Polje, with no direct road from Ropa. A 3 km road from Babino Polje leads to the beach. There’s no public transport directly to the beach; a local bus from Pomena to Sobra stops in Babino Polje, followed by a taxi or scooter rental.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Basic amenities are available, including a restaurant and cafe. However, there’s a lack of facilities like food, water, or bathrooms on the beach itself.
  • Safety: While specific safety guidelines are not mentioned, general beach safety practices should be followed.
  • Cleanliness: The beach’s cleanliness varies, with some reviews noting it as not very tidy. Water clarity also fluctuates.
  • Crowd: The beach maintains a tranquil atmosphere, not being overly crowded, ideal for relaxation.


  • Water Activities: The beach is excellent for snorkeling and observing underwater life. Its clear waters invite exploration.
  • Land Activities: Visitors can explore the nearby villages and the natural beauty of Mljet Island, including a small cave at the edge of the bay.

Nearby Attractions: The beach is close to campsites Mungos in Babino Polje and Camping Marina in Rope, as well as holiday homes available for rent within walking distance.

Recommendation: Definitely recommended for those seeking a tranquil and secluded beach experience. It’s ideal for families, though arriving early is suggested to secure parking and avoid crowds. Bring plenty of water, sun protection, and consider a picnic, as there are limited facilities nearby.

Local Tips:

  • Best Time to Visit: Early morning to avoid crowds and secure a parking spot.
  • Sun Protection: Limited natural shade; bring a sun umbrella or other sun protection.
  • Food and Water: Plan for snacks or a picnic, as options are limited.
  • Exploration: Don’t miss the small cave at the bay’s edge for an added adventure.

Kozarica Beach

Overall Rating7.4/10
Cleanliness8.5/10 – Known for its cleanliness.
Accessibility9/10 – Easily reachable on foot with convenient parking.
Facilities7/10 – Includes a coffeehouse and restaurant, but lacks leisure activities.
Activities5/10 – Ideal for swimming; limited on-beach activities.
CrowdRelaxed – Suitable for a peaceful beach experience.
Natural FeaturesRocks and gravel, clear waters ideal for swimming.
Man-made FeaturesPublic parking, coffeehouse, and restaurant available.
Family-FriendlinessYes – Safe and welcoming for families and children.
Pets AllowedYes – Pet-friendly beach.
Bars/Restaurants NearbySmall restaurants open in high season, close to the beach.
Nearby AttractionsAdjacent to the small port of Kozarica and local town amenities.
PositivesNice, clean, great for swimming, and highly recommended.
NegativesEntrance to the sea has large stones and sharp rocks.
TipsSwim on the waterfront for a more comfortable experience, avoiding rocky areas.

First Impressions: Kozarica Beach, a hidden gem on Mljet Island, offers a romantic and serene setting. Its proximity to the small port of Kozarica and the local town ensures a blend of natural beauty and convenience.

Natural Features: The beach is characterized by a mix of rocks and gravel, creating a picturesque but rugged landscape. The crystal-clear waters are inviting, making it a great spot for swimming.

Man-made Features: Facilities include public parking near the beach and the availability of a coffeehouse and restaurant, providing a comfortable and convenient beach experience.


  • Accessibility: The beach is easily reachable on foot, with parking spots available directly at the docking berths, adding to its accessibility.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Basic amenities like a coffeehouse and restaurant are available, enhancing the beach experience. However, there’s a lack of leisure activities directly on the beach.
  • Safety: No specific safety guidelines are mentioned, but visitors are advised to bring all necessary bathing accessories and sunscreen.
  • Cleanliness: Kozarica Beach is known for its cleanliness, making it a pleasant spot for beachgoers.
  • Crowd: The beach maintains a relaxed atmosphere, suitable for those seeking a peaceful beach day.


  • Water Activities: The beach is ideal for swimming, with clear waters and a serene environment.
  • Land Activities: While there are no known leisure activities on the beach, its proximity to the town offers opportunities to explore local amenities.

Nearby Attractions: The beach is adjacent to the small port of Kozarica, offering a glimpse into local life and additional amenities.

Recommendation: Definitely recommended! Kozarica Beach is perfect for families, children, and non-swimmers, offering a safe and enjoyable beach experience. The presence of nearby bars and restaurants adds to its appeal. However, be cautious of the large stones and sharp rocks at the sea entrance.

Family-Friendliness: Yes, the beach is suitable for families and children, with a safe and welcoming environment.

Pets Allowed: Yes, making it a pet-friendly destination.

Bars/Restaurants Nearby: Small restaurants, open during the high season, are located just steps away from the beach, offering convenient dining options.

Positives: The beach is consistently described as nice, clean, and great for swimming. It comes highly recommended by visitors.

Negatives: The entrance to the sea can be uncomfortable due to large stones and sharp rocks.

Tips and Recommendations: For a better experience, it’s suggested to swim on the waterfront, where the sea is just as inviting but without the discomfort of stones and rocks.

Klačna Luka Beach

Overall Rating6/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Highly praised for its clean water and natural surroundings.
Accessibility6/10 – Some areas are difficult to access; exploration recommended to find the best spots.
Facilities5/10 – Natural shaded areas available, but lacks basic amenities.
Activities4/10 – Ideal for swimming (with water shoes) and relaxing in a serene environment.
CrowdQuiet – Mainly frequented by locals, offering a peaceful atmosphere.
Natural FeaturesRocky beach with crystal blue and clean sea water.
Man-made FeaturesLacks man-made amenities, enhancing its natural appeal.
Family-FriendlinessNo specific mention; the rocky terrain might not be ideal for families with small children.
Nearby AttractionsClose to the port of Sobra, but no specific nearby attractions mentioned.
Safety GuidelinesNot specified; caution advised due to rocky terrain.
Local TipsBring water shoes; explore to find the best areas; enjoy the local, tranquil experience.

First Impressions: Klačna Luka Beach, located near the port of Sobra on Mljet Island, is a hidden gem known for its pristine natural beauty and crystal blue sea water. It’s a haven for those seeking a quiet and peaceful beach experience.

Natural Features: The beach is celebrated for its cleanliness and unspoiled natural surroundings. The rocky terrain adds to its charm, appealing to visitors who prefer natural, rugged landscapes.

Man-made Features: While the beach’s natural beauty is its main attraction, it’s important to note the lack of man-made amenities, which contributes to its untouched appeal.


  • Accessibility: Access to the beach can be challenging, with some areas being difficult to reach. It’s recommended to explore a bit to find the most suitable spot.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The beach offers natural shaded areas, but lacks facilities like showers, toilets, and easy water access points.
  • Safety: No specific safety guidelines are mentioned, but the rocky terrain suggests a need for caution.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is highly praised for its cleanliness, both in the water and the surrounding area.
  • Crowd: Known for its tranquility, Klačna Luka Beach is a peaceful retreat, mainly frequented by locals.


  • Water Activities: The crystal blue and clean sea water is perfect for swimming, though water shoes are recommended due to the rocky bottom.
  • Land Activities: Relaxing in the shaded areas and enjoying the serene environment are the main activities here.

Nearby Attractions: The beach’s proximity to the port of Sobra adds a touch of convenience, though specific nearby attractions are not mentioned.

Recommendation: Definitely recommended for those seeking an authentic local experience and a peaceful beach day. Remember to bring water shoes for comfort and safety, and be prepared for the lack of facilities.

Local Tips:

  • Water Shoes: Essential for navigating the rocky terrain.
  • Best Areas: Spend some time exploring to find the most accessible and comfortable spots.
  • Local Experience: Embrace the tranquility and authenticity of a beach frequented mainly by locals.

Prožurska Luka Beach

Overall Rating6.3/10
Cleanliness8/10 – Generally clean, with a pristine sea.
Accessibility6/10 – Limited by car; requires some walking.
Facilities6/10 – Restaurant and caffe bar available, but lacks public toilets and other basic amenities.
Activities5/10 – Ideal for swimming and boat rentals; peaceful for relaxation.
CrowdPeaceful – Perfect for a serene beach experience.
Natural FeaturesGravel and concrete/stone slabs, clean sea, attractive cove, natural shade.
Man-made FeaturesRestaurant/snack bar, caffe bar/drinks stand.
Family-FriendlinessLikely family-friendly, with dining options and shade.
Nearby AttractionsScenic Mljet area, charming town, fresh seafood at local restaurants.
Tips & RecommendationsUse free public parking, book dining in advance, suitable for short or long visits, evening noise awareness.

First Impressions: Prožurska Luka Beach, nestled in the scenic Mljet area, is a hidden gem offering stunning views and a beautiful bay. Its peaceful ambiance makes it ideal for those seeking a serene beach experience.

Natural Features: The beach is characterized by its gravel surface and concrete/stone slabs, complemented by the clean sea and an attractive cove. The presence of natural shade adds to its charm.

Man-made Features: The beach is equipped with a restaurant/snack bar and a caffe bar/drinks stand, providing convenient dining and refreshment options. However, it lacks facilities like public toilets.


  • Accessibility: The beach is accessible, but reaching it might require some walking, as limited accessibility by car is noted.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Dining options are available, but it’s advisable to book in advance due to high demand. The absence of a small market or bakery nearby means visitors should come prepared.
  • Safety: No specific safety guidelines are mentioned, but visitors should adhere to general beach safety practices. Be aware of the occasional presence of jellyfish in the water.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is generally clean, contributing to a pleasant experience.
  • Crowd: The beach maintains a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle.


  • Water Activities: The beach is perfect for swimming and exploring the bay. Boat rentals are available for those interested in exploring nearby islets.
  • Land Activities: Enjoying seafood at local restaurants and relaxing in the natural shade are key attractions.

Nearby Attractions: The beach is part of the scenic Mljet area, known for its natural beauty. The charming town nearby and the opportunity to enjoy fresh fish at the bar-restaurant enhance the experience.

Recommendation: Highly recommended for a tranquil beach experience. Ideal for a short half-day visit or an extended stay. Be prepared for occasional evening noise from groups of sailboats.

Local Tips:

  • Parking: Utilize the free public parking and walk down to the beach.
  • Dining: Secure a table at Konoba Marijina in advance for a delightful dining experience.

Beach Obod

Overall Rating4.5/10 – A secluded natural haven with limited accessibility.
Cleanliness10/10 – Very clean due to its secluded nature.
Accessibility3/10 – Challenging access, not suitable for families with small children or those with mobility issues.
Facilities2/10 – No facilities available, a completely natural setting.
Activities3/10 – Ideal for swimming and sunbathing, with caution on windy days.
CrowdVery Quiet – Mostly frequented by locals and those seeking tranquility.
Natural FeaturesPristine natural beauty, ideal for nature enthusiasts.
Man-made FeaturesNone – A completely natural beach without man-made amenities.
Family-FriendlinessNot suitable for small children due to accessibility and lack of facilities.
Nearby AttractionsSecluded location with no immediate attractions nearby.
Cost ConsiderationsNo costs for facilities, but preparation with supplies is necessary.
Best Time to VisitWeather-dependent, particularly considering wind conditions.
Beach EtiquetteRespect the natural environment and come prepared with necessary supplies.

First Impressions: Beach Obod is known for its seclusion and tranquility. It’s a hidden gem where you can enjoy a peaceful environment away from the crowds.

Natural Features: The beach is celebrated for its pure natural beauty, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers and those seeking a serene retreat.

Man-made Features: The beach is quite primitive with no facilities like shade, restrooms, or eateries, offering a truly natural experience.


  • Accessibility: Reaching Beach Obod can be challenging. It’s not easily accessible, especially for families with small children, requiring a walk down a steep, overgrown path.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The complete absence of facilities means visitors should come prepared with all necessary supplies.
  • Safety: The beach is nudity-friendly, indicating a relaxed and private atmosphere. However, entering the sea can be difficult on windy days due to waves.
  • Cleanliness: The beach maintains good cleanliness, thanks to its secluded nature and fewer visitors.
  • Crowd: The beach is very quiet, mostly frequented by locals and those in the know, offering a private and tranquil experience.


  • Water Activities: Swimming is possible, but caution is advised on windy days due to challenging sea conditions.
  • Land Activities: The beach is perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the natural surroundings in peace.

Nearby Attractions: The beach’s secluded location means there are no immediate nearby attractions, making it a perfect escape for those looking to disconnect.

Recommendation: Beach Obod is highly recommended for those seeking solitude and a natural beach experience. However, it’s not suitable for small children or those who require facilities. Preparation is key – bring water, sun protection, and be mindful of the weather, especially wind conditions.

Local Tips:

  • Parking: Park approximately 400 meters away and walk down to the beach.
  • Directions: To reach the beach, head towards Crkva sv. Vlaho from Babino Polje and follow a dusty road.
  • Preparation: Bring necessary supplies, including water and sun protection, as there are no facilities.
  • Weather Consideration: Check the weather before visiting, particularly for wind conditions.
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