How to Get to Brač Island by Sea, Air, and Land

Whether you’re considering a scenic drive, a ferry ride across the beautiful Adriatic, or flying directly to the island, this article provides all the essential information you need.

Discover the best ways on how to get to Brač, along with handy tips and insights to enhance your travel experience to this Adriatic gem.

Getting to Brač by Car

Are you gearing up for an unforgettable journey to the enchanting Brač Island in Croatia? Let’s dive into the essential details that will ensure your drive is as seamless and delightful as possible.

Routes to Brač Island

For those of you embarking from Austria, Slovenia, or Hungary, your path leads you along the Croatian highway A1, directing you towards either Split or Makarska, the gateways to Brač.

If your journey starts from Rijeka, prepare for a mesmerizing drive along the Croatian coast, all the way to Split or Makarska. These routes are not just about the destination but the stunning vistas along the way.

Driving in Croatia: Essential Tips

When driving in Croatia, it’s crucial to have your valid driver’s license, car registration card, and the Green Card (proof of your car insurance).

Be mindful of the speed limits: 50 km/h in settlements, 80 km/h outside of settlements, and 130 km/h on highways. Also, remember that the maximum blood alcohol level allowed is 0.5‰. Safety is paramount!

Petrol Stations: Fuel Up!

Across Croatia, petrol stations operate regularly from 7 am to 7/8 pm, with extended hours until 10 pm in the summer. For those late-night drives, 24-hour stations are available in larger towns and along main international routes.

You’ll find a variety of fuel types including Eurosuper 95, Super 98, Normal, and Euro Diesel. On Brač Island, stations in Bol, Milna, and Supetar are open all day during the tourist season.

Rent-a-Car Services: Explore at Your Pace

For those who prefer the flexibility of exploring at their own pace, rent-a-car services are readily available in cities, tourist resorts, and airports in Split and Dubrovnik. You can also find these services in Supetar and Bol on Brač Island.

Additional Information: Handy Tips

For more details on Croatian highways and tolls, visit It’s important to remember to drive on the right side of the road and adhere to the mentioned speed limits.

In case of emergencies, the general emergency number is 112, road assistance can be reached at 1987 (available 24/7), and the police can be contacted at 192 in case of an accident.

For current fuel prices, check If you’re planning to take a ferry, contact “Jadrolinija” in Split at +385 (0)21 338333 or visit their website at

Choosing Ferry Ports: Your Gateway to Brač

Sumartin Port is your best bet if you’re coming from Makarska, Dubrovnik, or Sarajevo and are heading to eastern Brač, including Selca, Sumartin, and Povlja.

For those traveling from Split and aiming for central Brač locations like Supetar, Sutivan, Postira, and Milna, Supetar Port is the ideal choice.

Your Ferry Travel Guide to Brač

Ahoy, adventurers! Are you ready to embark on a nautical journey to the stunning Brač Island? This guide is your compass to navigating the ferry routes effortlessly and enjoying the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Car Ferries to Brač

  • Split to Supetar (Jadrolinija):
    • Duration: 50 minutes.
    • Frequency: Every 90 minutes in summer.
    • Cost: Approx. €40 for a car and four adults.
    • Timetable: Available on the Jadrolinija website.
    • Booking: Not possible, so it’s best to arrive early for boarding.
  • Makarska to Sumartin (Jadrolinija):
    • Duration: 60 minutes.
    • Frequency: 5 times daily in peak season.
    • Booking: Recommended in advance (line 638 on Jadrolinija website).
    • This route is particularly convenient for travelers coming from Dubrovnik.
  • Makarska to Sumartin Alternative:
    • A great option if the Split to Brač ferries are crowded.
    • Frequency: 3-5 times daily, varying with the season.
    • Prices: Comparable to the Split to Supetar route.

Catamaran Ferries to Brač

  • Split to Bol (Jadrolinija and Kapetan Luka):
    • Duration: 55 minutes with Jadrolinija, varies with Kapetan Luka.
    • Frequency: Daily in the high season.
    • Additional routes: Include Jelsa (Hvar), Korcula, Dubrovnik.
  • Split to Milna (Jadrolinija and Kapetan Luka):
    • Duration: 30 minutes with Jadrolinija, varies with Kapetan Luka.
    • Frequency: Once a week with Jadrolinija, daily from mid-May to mid-October with Kapetan Luka.
    • Additional routes: To Hvar Town, Korcula, Mljet, Dubrovnik.
  • Milna to Split (Jadrolinija and Kapetan Luka):
    • Duration: 30 minutes.
    • Frequency: Wednesdays, making it convenient for day trips.
  • Bol to Split (Jadrolinija):
    • Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes.
    • Frequency: Daily, from early morning to late afternoon.

Private Taxi Boat Transfers

For a more exclusive and speedy journey, consider private taxi boat transfers from Split airport directly to Brač. These transfers typically cost between €400-600, varying based on your destination, the size of your party, and the time of travel. The duration of these transfers ranges from 35 to 50 minutes, offering a quick and personalized way to reach the island.

Additional Information

Regarding ferry travel, it’s important to note the seasonal pricing: €5 in high season and €4 in low season for foot passengers, with car prices ranging from €18 to €22.

The number of ferry crossings varies significantly, with a minimum of 7 and over 15 in the high season. The first and last crossings are scheduled from 06 am to 1 am, and there are possibilities for extraordinary crossings in July and August.

For those seeking alternative routes, ferries also operate from Dubrovnik, Korcula, Sobra (Mljet), Pomena (Mljet), and Hvar via Krilo. The travel distance from Split to Brač is approximately 7 nautical miles.

Tips for Travelers

When planning your ferry travel to Brač, it’s advisable to book in advance for certain routes. For car ferries, aim to arrive at least an hour early.

Tickets can be purchased after parking in the queue. Be mindful of seasonal variations in ferry schedules and always check the latest timetable before your trip.

Getting to Brač Island by Plane

Embark on an exciting journey to the enchanting island of Brač, a gem in the Adriatic Sea, easily accessible by air with a variety of options to suit your travel needs. Let’s dive into the details of getting there, ensuring your trip is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Split Airport, a mere 30 km from the Split ferry station, is a convenient gateway. With buses departing every 20 minutes and taxis readily available, your transfer to the ferry will be a breeze. For any inquiries, you can reach out to them at +385 21 203 555

If you’re coming from a bit farther, Dubrovnik Airport is another option, located 165 km from Makarska, which connects to Sumartin on Brač by ferry. Here, you have the flexibility of bus lines to Makarska or Split, alongside taxi and car rental services. Their contact number is +385 20 773 377 for any assistance you might need.

Direct Flights to Brač

For those looking for a more direct route, Brač Airport (BWK), nestled close to the picturesque town of Bol, mainly serves charter flights, particularly in the summer. It’s conveniently situated just 14 km from the famous Zlatni rat beach and 30 km from Supetar, making it an excellent choice for beach lovers. For more information, contact them at +385 21 648 615.

Flight options are plentiful. From Zagreb to Bol, enjoy direct flights by Croatia Airlines, ensuring a seamless journey. For our German visitors, there are new flights from Dusseldorf and Leipzig, expanding your choices. 

Additionally, international travelers can benefit from TUIFly’s service from Brussels on Tuesdays, Czech Airlines from Austria on Saturdays, and Sky Alps from Bolzano, Italy, offering weekly flights in summer

Croatia Airlines, a reliable carrier, operates flights from major European cities, including direct flights to Brač twice a week from Zagreb and weekly flights from Munich. For reservations, their comprehensive contact options include +385 62 777 777, +385 1 4819 633, and +385 1 0800 7777.

Getting to Brač via Split Airport

If you’re arriving via other airports, Zagreb Airport offers multiple daily flights to Split, and can be contacted at +385 1 4562 222. Zadar Airport is another alternative, reachable at +385 23 205 800, and for additional international arrival options, consider Pula, Rijeka, and Osijek Airports.

Once in Split, the sea journey to Brač is an adventure in itself. Choose between ferries and catamarans to Supetar or Bol on Brač, with a bus shuttle service available from Split Airport to the port. For boat line information, Jadrolinija is your go-to source at

A unique feature of Brač Airport is its altitude of 541 m above sea level, offering stunning views as you descend onto the island. Besides major airlines, other smaller companies operate charter flights to Brač, expanding your choices.

For further details and planning your trip, the following websites are invaluable resources: Croatia Airlines (, Split Airport (, Zagreb Airport (, Dubrovnik Airport (, and Brač Airport (

Getting Around Brač Island

Exploring Brač Island is an adventure in itself, and getting around is easier than you might think! Whether you’re hopping on a ferry, catching a bus, or renting a vehicle, here’s all you need to know to navigate this stunning Croatian island with ease.

Ferry Access Points:

  • From Split to Supetar.
  • From Makarska to Sumartin.

Distances between key locations from the point of two major transport hubs, Supetar and Sumartin:

  • Supetar to Bol: 35km or 22mi
  • Supetar to Milna: 20km or 12mi
  • Supetar to Sumartin: 40km or 25mi
  • Supetar to Pučišća: 25km or 16mi
  • Supetar to Mirca: 5km or 3mi
  • Supetar to Sutivan: 8km or 5mi
  • Supetar to Nerežišća: 8km or 5mi
  • Supetar to Splitska: 6km or 4mi
  • Sumartin to Milna: 47km or 29mi
  • Sumartin to Bol: 27km or 17mi
  • Sumartin to Supetar: 40km or 25mi
  • Sumartin to Pučišća: 27km or 17mi
  • Sumartin to Sutivan: 47km or 29mi
  • Sumartin to Mirca: 41km or 25mi
  • Sumartin to Nerežišća: 31km or 19mi
  • Sumartin to Splitska: 40km or 25mi

Getting Around Brač Island by Bus

Exploring Brač Island by bus is a convenient and popular option for many travelers. The bus services on the island are centered around Supetar, with all routes either starting or ending there. This hub connects you to major towns and resorts across the island, making it easy to navigate and explore different areas.

The bus services on Brač are primarily operated by two companies. Autotrans is responsible for the internal routes within the island, ensuring connectivity between various local destinations.

Arriva, on the other hand, takes care of specific routes such as Bol to Supetar, Supetar to Milna, and Supetar to Sumartin. These routes are particularly useful for tourists looking to explore the island’s popular spots.

When it comes to purchasing tickets, you’ll need to buy them at the bus station. It’s a straightforward process, and it ensures you have a guaranteed seat for your journey.

The bus routes are well-timed and frequent, with the Bol to Supetar route, for example, taking about 55 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes and having around 10 departures a day. The journey from Supetar to Milna is a quick 20-minute ride, while getting from Supetar to Sumartin takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

For the most current information on bus schedules, it’s a good idea to check the Arriva website. They provide up-to-date timetables, helping you plan your travels efficiently and avoid any unexpected delays.

Explore More of Brač

After discovering how to reach the enchanting island of Brač, extend your adventure with our curated selection of experiences. Dive into the diverse activities Brač offers, from historical sites to thrilling adventures, ensuring every moment is filled with discovery.

For those seeking a brief yet enriching excursion, this day trip guide is perfect for experiencing Brač’s highlights in a limited timeframe. Alternatively, explore beyond Brač with my recommendations for day trips from the island, each promising unique adventures and breathtaking scenery.

Brač is not just about its rich culture and history; it’s also a haven for beach lovers. Unearth the most beautiful beaches on Brač, where crystal-clear waters and serene landscapes await.

And to complete your island experience, choose from the finest hotels on Brač, offering comfort and luxury to suit every preference. Each link opens a door to new discoveries, making your stay on Brač an unforgettable journey of exploration and enjoyment.

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