17 Best Beaches on Hvar Island: Pristine Nature

From the tranquil coves to lively shorelines, these pristine beaches on Hvar Island are not just about sunbathing and swimming; they’re about experiencing the essence of the Adriatic Sea.

Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly spot, a secluded haven, or a vibrant beach scene, Hvar Island’s diverse coastline has something for everyone.

Dive into this guide to uncover the hidden gems and popular spots that make Hvar a beach lover’s dream destination.

Bonj Beach (Hvar Town)

Overall Rating7.5/10
Cleanliness8/10 – Generally clean, with occasional lapses in late September.
Accessibility9/10 – Easily accessible, short scenic walk from Hvar Town’s main harbour.
Facilities7/10 – Sun loungers and umbrellas available, but lacks showers and sea steps.
Activities6/10 – Swimming and marine life observation from the pier; relaxing on the beach.
CrowdBalanced – Not overly crowded, offering a relaxed atmosphere.
Natural FeaturesCrystal-clear water, pebbly terrain.
Man-made FeaturesSun loungers (€15 with umbrella), absence of beach showers and sea steps.
Family-FriendlinessConsidered family-friendly, with good food options nearby.
Nearby AttractionsAdjacent to a picturesque hotel, enhancing the scenic setting.
Cost ConsiderationsSunbeds and umbrellas are affordable but not necessary for short visits.

First Impressions: Bonj Beach, nestled near the vibrant Hvar Town, offers a tranquil escape just a short walk from the main harbour. The journey to the beach itself is a scenic delight, featuring captivating ocean views.

Natural Features: The beach is celebrated for its crystal-clear water and pebbly shores. It strikes a perfect balance, not being overly crowded, thus maintaining a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

Man-made Features: While the beach boasts comfortable sun loungers available for rent (€15 with an umbrella), it lacks certain facilities like beach showers and steps leading into the sea, which might be a consideration for some visitors.


  • Accessibility: Reaching Bonj Beach is a breeze, thanks to its proximity to Hvar Town. The scenic walk from the main harbour adds to the overall experience.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The beach offers sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, ensuring a comfortable day by the sea. However, be prepared for the absence of showers and sea steps.
  • Safety: The beach is considered safe and family-friendly, with no specific safety concerns mentioned.
  • Cleanliness: Generally, the beach maintains good cleanliness standards, though there have been occasional lapses in maintenance towards the end of September.
  • Crowd: The beach offers a balanced crowd, not too crowded, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful beach experience.


  • Water Activities: The beach features a pier that leads to deeper waters, perfect for swimming and observing marine life, including octopuses.
  • Land Activities: Relaxing on the beach and enjoying the scenic views are the main activities here.

Nearby Attractions: The beach’s proximity to a stunning hotel enhances its picturesque setting, adding to the overall appeal.

Recommendation: Absolutely! Bonj Beach is a great choice, especially for families and those looking for a relaxed beach day.

Mekićevica Beach (Hvar Town)

Overall Rating6.8/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Well-maintained and clean.
Accessibility6/10 – Accessible by boat (€7 return) or by walking from Pokonji Dol Beach.
Facilities6/10 – Robinson Restaurant for dining, natural shade from trees, but limited built facilities.
Activities6/10 – Ideal for snorkeling and relaxing in a serene environment.
CrowdQuiet – Less crowded, offering a tranquil experience.
Natural FeaturesTwo pebble beaches with clear waters, surrounded by Mediterranean plants.
Man-made FeaturesRobinson Restaurant offering seafood and vegetarian options, natural shade areas.
Travel TipsComfortable footwear for the walk, bring water, sea shoes for rocky areas, and sun protection.
Unique AspectsLess crowded, private cove access, nudist-friendly areas.
Best Time to VisitEarly in the day to avoid crowds and enjoy a more private experience.

First Impressions: Mekićevica Beach, a hidden gem near Hvar Town, offers a picturesque escape. Accessible by boat or a coastal walk, it presents a serene atmosphere, particularly enchanting in the afternoon.

Natural Features: Comprising two pebble beaches, Mekićevica is celebrated for its clear waters and scenic surroundings, adorned with Mediterranean plants. The beaches provide a peaceful retreat, perfect for those seeking tranquility.

Man-made Features: The highlight here is the Robinson Restaurant, known for its delicious Dalmatian seafood and vegetarian options. However, it’s wise to book in advance due to its popularity. The beaches also offer natural shade from trees, adding to the comfort of visitors.


  • Accessibility: The beach is reachable either by a boat trip from Hvar harbour (€7 return) or by a walk from Pokonji Dol Beach. The journey is part of the adventure.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Besides the Robinson Restaurant, the beach offers natural shade but lacks significant built facilities.
  • Safety: The beach is safe, with no specific safety concerns mentioned. However, sea shoes are recommended for rocky areas.
  • Cleanliness: The beaches are well-maintained, contributing to their natural beauty.
  • Crowd: Mekićevica Beach is less crowded than its counterparts, offering a more private and tranquil beach experience.


  • Water Activities: Ideal for snorkeling, the clear waters provide opportunities to observe diverse marine life.
  • Land Activities: Relaxing under the natural shade and enjoying the serene environment are key attractions.

Nearby Attractions: The Robinson Restaurant is a notable attraction, enhancing the beach experience with its culinary offerings.

Recommendation: Highly recommended for those seeking a peaceful beach day away from the crowds. It’s perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts and visitors who appreciate natural settings. Arriving early in the day is advisable to secure the best spots for shade and privacy.

Pokonji Dol Beach aka Mustaco Beach (Pokonji Dol, just outside Hvar Town)

Overall Rating6.8/10
Cleanliness8.5/10 – High cleanliness standards, contributing to water clarity.
Accessibility5/10 – Accessible by a 40-minute scenic walk or rocky hike, with multiple entry points.
Facilities6.5/10 – Sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, restaurants and bars available, but no public toilets or showers.
Activities7/10 – Excellent for snorkeling and swimming, with a popular beach bar.
CrowdModerate to Busy – Less crowded in the morning, busiest between 12 pm and 3 pm.
Natural FeaturesPebble beach with exceptionally clear water.
Man-made FeaturesSunbeds (€20/day), umbrellas (€30), two restaurants (one cash-only), good parking facilities.
Travel TipsVisit in the morning for less crowd and clearer water. Beach shoes recommended. Taxi service available.
AttractionsStunning scenic beauty, excellent beach bar with cocktails like strawberry Pina colada.
Unique DetailsWild nature vibes on a further beach, local prices (e.g., €5 for half a liter of beer).

First Impressions: Pokonji Dol Beach, also known as Mustaco Beach, is a charming pebble beach located just outside Hvar Town. It’s celebrated for its clear and clean water, offering a picturesque setting for beachgoers.

Natural Features: The beach is characterized by its pebbly terrain and exceptionally clear water, making it a haven for those who appreciate natural aquatic beauty.

Man-made Features: Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent (€20 for sunbeds, €30 for umbrellas). The beach is also home to at least two restaurants, with one being cash-only (ATM available inside). Good parking facilities are available, especially for early arrivals.


  • Accessibility: The beach is accessible via a 40-minute walk along the sea from Hvar centre or a rocky hike. Multiple access points are available, including a stony path through pines.
  • Facilities/Amenities: While sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent, the beach lacks public toilets and showers. Restaurants and bars enhance the beach experience.
  • Safety: The beach is safe for swimming, with high water clarity, especially in the morning.
  • Cleanliness: The beach maintains high cleanliness standards, contributing to the clarity of the water.
  • Crowd: The beach tends to get crowded between 12 pm and 3 pm. Mornings are less crowded and offer a more tranquil experience.


  • Water Activities: Ideal conditions for snorkeling, thanks to the clear water and friendly fish. Swimming is also a popular activity here.
  • Land Activities: Relaxing at the beach bar, known for its excellent cocktails like the strawberry Pina colada.

Nearby Attractions: The beach itself is a scenic attraction, known for its stunning views and beautiful, transparent water.

Local Tips: For a more natural and less crowded experience, explore the beach further away. Be aware of local prices, like €5 for half a liter of beer at Pokonji restaurant.

Recommendation: Pokonji Dol Beach is a great choice for those seeking scenic views and clear waters. It’s best to visit in the morning for fewer crowds. Beach shoes are recommended due to the large pebbles. Be prepared for limited natural shade and the absence of public toilets or showers. For easier access, consider the longer, flat route or a taxi service.

Dubovica Beach – Dubovica Bay

Overall Rating7/10
Cleanliness8/10 – Generally well-maintained.
Accessibility8/10 – Accessible by boat or car, involves a walk down a zigzagging path.
Facilities5/10 – Limited amenities; no rental chairs or umbrellas. Tavern and beach bar available.
Activities7/10 – Ideal for diving; historical exploration.
CrowdBusy, especially in August. Early arrival recommended.
Natural FeaturesClear turquoise waters, spacious pebble beach, scenic bay with greenery.
Man-made FeaturesTavern for food and drinks, beach bar. No seating rentals.
Travel TipsWear sneakers, carry cash, arrive early for parking.
CostsTaxi fare around 150-200 Kuna from Hvar Town. Scooter and bicycle rentals available.
Unique AttractionsHistorical buildings, scenic hike to the beach, secluded feel despite popularity.

First Impressions: Dubovica Beach, located 8 km east of Hvar Town on the southern shore of Hvar Island, is a picturesque cove with a spacious pebble beach. It’s a hidden gem offering a blend of natural beauty and historical charm.

Natural Features: The beach is renowned for its clear turquoise waters and scenic bay, beautifully framed by traditional stone houses and lush greenery. It’s a perfect spot for those who appreciate natural landscapes and secluded settings.

Man-made Features: While the beach lacks rental facilities for umbrellas and chairs, it compensates with a charming tavern serving fresh fish and local wine, and a beach bar. However, options are limited, so bringing your own food and drink is advisable.


  • Accessibility: The beach is accessible by boat or car, but involves a walk down a zigzagging pathway. The journey itself is part of the adventure, offering scenic views.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Limited amenities are available. Visitors should plan to bring essentials like towels, food, and drinks.
  • Safety: The rocky and potentially slippery path requires careful navigation. Sneakers are recommended.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is generally well-maintained, contributing to its natural appeal.
  • Crowd: Dubovica Beach can get crowded, particularly in August. An early arrival is recommended for a better experience.


  • Water Activities: Ideal for diving enthusiasts, thanks to its vibrant underwater landscape.
  • Land Activities: The historical significance of the area, including the 18th-century Kasandrić family residence and the 17th-century Church of St. Stephen, adds a unique dimension to the visit.

Nearby Attractions: The historical structures in the vicinity, like the Kasandrić family residence and the Church of St. Stephen, enhance the beach’s charm.

Recommendation: Dubovica Beach is highly recommended for those seeking a mix of natural beauty, historical intrigue, and a secluded feel. Remember to wear appropriate footwear, carry cash, and consider arriving early to avoid crowds and secure parking.

Malo Zaraće aka Little Zaraće Beach (Zaraće)

Overall Rating6.8/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Well-maintained natural setting.
Accessibility8/10 – Close to the road, parking within 300 meters, but challenging for big cars.
Facilities4/10 – Lacks amenities like showers; visitors should bring personal items.
Activities6/10 – Ideal for snorkeling, sup-surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.
CrowdPartially crowded during high season, maintaining a peaceful vibe.
Natural FeaturesSurrounded by wilderness and cliffs, crystal turquoise water, rocky bottom.
Man-made FeaturesNo sun loungers or showers, purely natural setting.
Family-FriendlinessSuitable for families but lacks specific amenities for children.
Pet PolicyPets are not allowed on this beach.
Unique InsightsKnown for its scenic beauty and natural shade from trees. Local snack bar nearby.
Best Time to VisitMorning hours for less crowd and easier parking.
Nearby AttractionsOther beaches within a 5 km radius, historical, entertainment, and gastronomic tours available nearby.

First Impressions: Malo Zaraće Beach, located about 9 kilometers from Hvar city center, is a hidden gem offering a rural, secluded, and serene atmosphere. The beach’s tranquility is its standout feature, with little to no noise or crowds.

Natural Features: This beach is a picturesque haven surrounded by wilderness and cliffs. The crystal turquoise waters and gentle entrance make it inviting, though the rocky bottom suggests the use of aqua shoes.

Man-made Features: The beach is all about nature, with a noticeable lack of amenities like showers. Visitors should come prepared with personal items for comfort.


  • Accessibility: The beach is easily accessible and close to the road, with parking available within 300 meters. However, the narrow downhill road can be challenging for larger vehicles.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The lack of facilities like showers and sun loungers encourages a more natural beach experience.
  • Safety: The beach is safe for families, but visitors should be cautious due to the rocky bottom.
  • Cleanliness: The beach maintains good cleanliness standards, blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings.
  • Crowd: It gets partially crowded during the high season, but retains its peaceful vibe.


  • Water Activities: Ideal for snorkeling, sup-surfing, and swimming in the turquoise waters.
  • Land Activities: Sunbathing and enjoying the scenic beauty are the main activities here.

Nearby Attractions: The beach is within a 5 km radius of other beaches, and close to historical, entertainment, and gastronomic tours in the area.

Recommendation: Malo Zaraće Beach is a great choice for those seeking a natural and serene beach experience. It’s particularly appealing in the morning hours for less crowd and easier parking. While suitable for families, the lack of specific amenities for children should be noted.

Beach Skala (Sveta Nedilja)

Overall Rating6.8/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Well-maintained, focusing on natural beauty.
Accessibility7/10 – Accessible by car or bike, with parking nearby; public transport requires a walk.
Facilities4/10 – Minimal amenities; visitors should bring personal items for sunbathing.
Activities7/10 – Snorkeling, SUP surfing, swimming, and enjoying the scenic views.
CrowdModerately Crowded – Balancing liveliness and tranquility during high season.
Natural FeaturesCrystal turquoise waters, light fine pebbles.
Man-made FeaturesMinimal; focus on natural beauty without typical beach amenities.
Nearby AttractionsPiscina natural, Veli kamik, Tamaris Restaurant within walking distance.
Travel TipsVisit during sunrise or sunset for a quieter experience; wear appropriate footwear due to steep descent.

First Impressions: Beach Skala, a serene spot in the Split-Dalmatia County near Sveta Nedjelja, is a hidden gem on the Adriatic Sea. It’s 0.4 km from Sveta Nedjelja and 43.6 km from Split, offering a blend of natural beauty and tranquility.

Natural Features: This gravel beach is renowned for its crystal turquoise waters and light fine pebbles, providing a comfortable experience without special shoes. It’s a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Man-made Features: Skala Beach maintains a focus on natural beauty, with minimal man-made amenities. There are no sun loungers or umbrellas, encouraging visitors to bring their own sunbathing essentials.


  • Accessibility: Accessible by car or bike, with parking available within 300 meters. Public transport is an option, though it requires a walk from the bus stop.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Lacks typical amenities like sun loungers, umbrellas, and restrooms. However, nearby restaurants provide food and drink options.
  • Safety: Safe for swimming, with a gentle entrance to the water and low shark prevalence.
  • Cleanliness: Well-maintained, reflecting its commitment to preserving natural beauty.
  • Crowd: Experiences moderate crowds during the high season, maintaining a balance between liveliness and tranquility.


  • Water Activities: Ideal for snorkeling, SUP surfing, and swimming.
  • Land Activities: Enjoy the scenic views and tranquil environment, perfect for relaxation and photography.

Nearby Attractions: Within walking distance are attractions like Piscina natural and Veli kamik, and the Tamaris Restaurant, a 5-minute walk away, offers dining options.

Recommendation: Skala Beach is a must-visit for those who appreciate natural beauty and a peaceful environment. It’s particularly enchanting during sunrise or sunset. The descent to the beach is steep, so appropriate footwear is advised. Its seclusion makes it a perfect spot for a quieter beach experience.

Jagodna Beach (Sveta Nedilja)

Overall Rating7.3/10
Cleanliness9/10 – High standards of cleanliness.
Accessibility6/10 – 2.6 km from Sveta Nedilja, limited parking.
Facilities8/10 – Includes parking, toilets, Wi-Fi, showers, and nearby restaurant.
Activities6/10 – Excellent for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxation.
CrowdModerate – Can get crowded, early arrival recommended.
Natural FeaturesCrystal clear waters, pebble beaches, surrounded by pine forests.
Man-made FeaturesWell-equipped with modern amenities, including a nudist beach section.
Unique AspectsBreathtakingly clear waters, natural shade from pine trees, nudist beach option.
Travel TipsArrive early for parking, ideal for snorkeling, limited space so it can get crowded.
Nearby AttractionsClose to Sveta Nedilja, offering a glimpse into local life.
RecommendationHighly recommended for natural beauty and serene environment.

Location and Atmosphere: Jagodna Beach, nestled near Sveta Nedilja on the island of Hvar, Dalmatia, Croatia, is a picturesque destination known for its pebble beaches, crystal clear waters, and thick pine forests. This beach offers a serene and unspoiled atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

Natural Features: The beach is celebrated for its breathtakingly clear waters and pebble texture, complemented by the natural shade provided by surrounding pine trees. It’s recognized as one of the best beaches on Hvar for its natural beauty and clear waters.

Man-made Features: Jagodna Beach is well-equipped with amenities including parking, toilets, Wi-Fi, showers, and a first-rate restaurant within walking distance. Additionally, there’s a small nudist beach accessible for those seeking a more secluded experience.


  • Accessibility: The beach is 2.6 kilometers from Sveta Nedilja, but parking is limited (space for about 6 cars, free parking), so it’s advisable to arrive early.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Along with basic amenities, the beach offers Wi-Fi and excellent dining options nearby.
  • Safety: The beach is safe, with facilities for jumping into the water from rocks.
  • Cleanliness: Maintains high standards of cleanliness, contributing to its appeal.
  • Crowd: The beach area is relatively small and can get crowded, so planning an early visit is recommended.


  • Water Activities: Jagodna Beach is perfect for snorkeling, with an abundance of sea life like fishes and starfishes.
  • Land Activities: Relaxing under the natural shade of pine trees and enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Nearby Attractions: The beach’s proximity to Sveta Nedilja adds to its charm, offering visitors a glimpse into local Croatian life.

Recommendation: Highly recommended for those seeking a blend of natural beauty and comfort. The beach’s unique appeal and serene environment make it a must-visit. However, be mindful of the limited parking and potential for crowds.

Ivan Dolac Beach (Ivan Dolac)

Overall Rating8.3/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Emphasis on clean water, ideal for swimming.
Accessibility8/10 – Accessible by car, convenient on the island’s south side.
Facilities8/10 – Basic amenities like restaurants, cafe bar, and supermarket; parking available.
Activities8/10 – Water activities (boats, scooters, pedal boats), cliff jumping; nearby FKK beach.
CrowdModerate to High – Can get crowded during peak season, quieter options nearby.
Natural FeaturesPebble beach, dramatic and picturesque scenery, cliffs for jumping.
Man-made FeaturesRestaurants, cafe bar, supermarket.
Family-FriendlinessExtremely family-friendly, safe for children.
Nearby AttractionsFKK (naturist) beach within a 10-minute walk.
Cost ConsiderationsAccommodation ranges from €36 to €300/night; parking €1/hour or €4/day.
Best Times to VisitLess crowded in the evenings during peak season.
Local TipsAppropriate footwear recommended; carry cash; food and drink options available on the beach.

First Impressions: Ivan Dolac Beach, nestled in the stunning Dalmatia region of Croatia, is a pebble beach renowned for its clean and clear water. It’s a picturesque destination that combines natural beauty with convenient accessibility.

Natural Features: The beach is characterized by its pebbly shores and dramatic scenery, making it a visually striking location. The water’s cleanliness is a standout feature, ideal for swimming and water activities.

Man-made Features: The beach area includes restaurants, a cafe bar, and a small supermarket, catering to all-day needs. Additionally, there are cliffs near the beach popular for adventurous water jumps.


  • Accessibility: Easily reachable by car, a significant plus on the island’s south side.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Offers basic amenities like food and drink options, and a nearby parking lot (€1/hour or €4/day). However, the nearest ATM is in the next town, so carrying cash is advisable.
  • Safety: Extremely family-friendly, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children.
  • Cleanliness: The beach and its waters are well-maintained, emphasizing cleanliness.
  • Crowd: It can get crowded during peak season, but quieter experiences are available on smaller nearby beaches.


  • Water Activities: Opportunities for renting boats, scooters, and pedal boats. The beach also offers unique experiences like cliff jumping.
  • Land Activities: Relaxing on the beach, enjoying the scenic views, and exploring nearby camping options.

Nearby Attractions: A 10-minute walk leads to a smaller FKK (naturist) beach, adding to the diverse beach experiences available in the area.

Local Tips: Wear appropriate footwear due to the pebbly nature and sharp rocks. The beach is less crowded in the evenings, and it’s wise to carry cash for convenience.

Recommendation: Ivan Dolac Beach is highly recommended for families and those seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation. The beach’s scenic beauty and clean waters make it a must-visit. For a less crowded experience, consider visiting in the evenings or exploring the smaller beaches nearby.

Mina Beach (Jelsa)

Overall Rating8.8/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Clear waters and well-maintained environment.
Accessibility9/10 – Easily accessible from Jelsa village, both on foot and by public transport.
Facilities10/10 – Showers, changing cabins, toilets, lifeguard service, deck chair and parasol rentals.
Activities7/10 – Suitable for swimming, especially for children and non-swimmers.
CrowdFamily-Friendly – Ideal for families and children.
Natural FeaturesFine gravel, sand, concrete plateaus, rocky edges, natural shade from pine trees.
Man-made FeaturesWell-equipped with essential beach amenities, restaurant and bar nearby.
Family-FriendlinessPerfect for families, with a gently sloping shore and shallow waters.
Nearby AttractionsClose to Jelsa village, offering access to local attractions and amenities.
Cost ConsiderationsDetails on parking fees not specified; deck chairs and parasols available for rent.
Best Time to VisitWarmer months; early arrival recommended for shaded spots.
Local TipsBring cushions for comfort in shaded, pebbly areas; plan for limited sandy shade.

First Impressions: Mina Beach, a popular sandy beach near Jelsa on Hvar Island, is a haven for families and children. Its sandy nature and gentle slope make it an ideal destination for a relaxing day by the sea.

Natural Features: The beach is a beautiful blend of fine gravel, sand, and concrete plateaus, with rocky sections adding to its charm. Natural shade from pine trees is a blessing, especially around the edges.

Man-made Features: Facilities are well-thought-out, including showers, changing cabins, public toilets, and a lifeguard service during the high season. Deck chairs and parasols are available for rent, adding comfort to your beach day.


  • Accessibility: Just 500 meters from Jelsa village center, Mina Beach is easily reachable on foot or by public transportation.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The beach is well-equipped, featuring essential amenities and a nearby restaurant and bar for refreshments and dining.
  • Safety: With lifeguard services in the high season and its shallow waters, it’s a safe choice for families and non-swimmers.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is known for its clear waters and well-maintained environment.
  • Crowd: The beach is a favorite among families, offering a gently sloping shore that’s perfect for children.


  • Water Activities: Ideal for swimming, especially for children and non-swimmers due to its shallow waters.
  • Land Activities: Relaxing under the shade of pine trees or enjoying the sun on the sandy stretches.

Nearby Attractions: Its proximity to Jelsa village means easy access to other local attractions and amenities.

Local Tips: If you plan to rest in the shaded, pebbly areas, bringing cushions might enhance your comfort. Be aware that sandy sections with shade are limited, so planning is key.

Recommendation: Mina Beach is highly recommended for families and those seeking a varied beach experience. The combination of sandy areas and rocky sections caters to different preferences. Early arrival is advised to secure the best spots, especially in the shaded areas.

Oslič Beach (Stari Grad)

Overall Rating8.1/10
Cleanliness8.5/10 – High standard of cleanliness.
Accessibility9/10 – Conveniently located about 2 km from Stari Grad center.
Facilities8/10 – Showers, natural shade, parasols, and deckchairs available.
Activities7/10 – Swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying local bars.
CrowdFamily-Friendly – Ideal for families with children.
Natural FeaturesVaried – Pebble, concrete slabs, gravel, and rocky areas.
Man-made FeaturesWell-equipped with essential beach amenities.
Family-FriendlinessHighly suitable for families.
Nearby AttractionsAccommodations ranging from budget (Apartments Ivanković) to luxury (Maslina Resort).
Travel TipsArrive early during peak season; appropriate footwear recommended due to varied terrain.

First Impressions: Oslič Beach, a diverse coastal gem, is located just 2 kilometers from the heart of Stari Grad. Its unique mix of pebble, concrete slabs, gravel, and rocky areas caters to a wide array of preferences, making it a versatile destination.

Natural Features: The beach’s varied composition, from pebbles to concrete and rocky areas, offers something for everyone, whether you prefer a smooth or rugged beach experience.

Man-made Features: The beach is equipped with natural shade, essential for comfort on sunny days, and showers for rinsing off after a swim. Additional amenities like parasols and deckchairs further enhance the relaxation experience.


  • Accessibility: Easily accessible, Oslič Beach is a convenient option for tourists staying in Stari Grad.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The beach is well-equipped with showers, natural shade, parasols, and deckchairs, ensuring a comfortable beach day.
  • Safety: The beach is considered safe and child-friendly, making it an ideal spot for families.
  • Cleanliness: Maintains a high standard of cleanliness, contributing to its overall appeal.
  • Crowd: Known for being family-friendly, it’s a popular choice for those with children.


  • Water Activities: The clear sea invites visitors for a refreshing swim.
  • Land Activities: Sunbathing on loungers and enjoying beverages at a local bar are among the favored activities.

Nearby Attractions: A variety of accommodation options are available near the beach, ranging from budget-friendly Apartments Ivanković (from 53.10 €, 374 m from the beach) to the more upscale Maslina Resort (from 476.00 €, 1.2 km from the beach).

Local Tips: The beach’s popularity means it can get busy, so early arrival is key during peak times. The mixed terrain suggests bringing comfortable footwear for a more enjoyable experience.

Recommendation: Oslič Beach is highly recommended, especially for families. To make the most of your visit, arrive early during peak season to secure a good spot. Considering the varied terrain, appropriate footwear is advisable for comfort.

Lučišća Beach (near Sveta Nedilja)

Overall Rating5.6/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Highly praised for its cleanliness and unspoiled nature.
Accessibility4/10 – Accessible via a challenging drive and hike, adding to the adventure.
Facilities5/10 – Limited services on the beach, but a nearby restaurant and bar are available.
Activities5/10 – Ideal for snorkeling and enjoying the tranquil environment.
CrowdSerene – Perfect for those seeking solitude and a peaceful beach experience.
Natural FeaturesPebble beach with crystal-clear waters, surrounded by high cliffs.
Man-made FeaturesMinimal facilities on the beach; nearby restaurant and unique bar on a rock.
Travel ExperienceChallenging but rewarding drive and hike to the beach.
Beach QualityPraised for its seclusion, clear water, and not being overly crowded.
Additional AttractionsBar on a rock offering a unique relaxation spot.
Best Time to VisitEarly arrival recommended for a peaceful experience.
Travel TipsBring essentials like water, food, and snorkeling gear; prepare for a challenging journey.
Unique AspectsSecluded nature, nearby bar on a rock, offering a blend of relaxation and adventure.

First Impressions: Lučišća Beach, a hidden gem near Sveta Nedilja on the island of Hvar, Croatia, is a sanctuary of tranquility and natural beauty. Its pebble shores and high cliffs create a stunning, peaceful environment.

Natural Features: The beach is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque landscape, surrounded by imposing cliffs that add to its secluded charm.

Man-made Features: While the beach itself has limited facilities (no toilets or showers), there is a charming beach bar nearby, offering simple dishes and drinks.


  • Accessibility: The beach can be reached via a 20-minute drive on an unpaved mountain road, followed by a 10-minute walk downhill. The journey is an adventure in itself, offering a blend of challenge and reward.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The beach’s facilities are minimal, so visitors should plan accordingly. However, the nearby restaurant and beach bar enhance the overall experience.
  • Safety: The beach is safe, with no specific safety concerns mentioned.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is praised for its cleanliness, contributing to its unspoiled charm.
  • Crowd: Lučišća Beach is not overly crowded, perfect for those seeking solitude and a peaceful beach experience.


  • Water Activities: The beach is ideal for snorkeling, thanks to its rich underwater life.
  • Land Activities: Relaxing on the beach, enjoying the natural scenery, and visiting the nearby bar on a rock.

Nearby Attractions: The unique beach bar located on a rock offers a distinctive spot to relax and enjoy the view.

Local Tips: Prepare for a somewhat challenging drive and hike to the beach. The secluded nature of the beach, coupled with the nearby bar on a rock, offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure.

Recommendation: Highly recommended for those seeking a combination of natural beauty, tranquility, and a bit of adventure. It’s advisable to arrive early for the best experience and to bring essentials like water, food, and snorkeling gear.

Brizenica Bay Beach (just outside Stari Grad)

Overall Rating6/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Well-maintained and unspoiled.
Accessibility7/10 – Accessible by car, with a challenging last stretch.
Facilities4/10 – No facilities like toilets or showers.
Activities4/10 – Suitable for both swimming and adventure seekers.
CrowdQuiet – Less known, mostly visited by locals.
Natural FeaturesCobblestone composition, flanked by rocks, natural shade from pine trees.
Man-made FeaturesAbsence of facilities, emphasizing its untouched nature.
Family-FriendlinessSuitable for families due to shallow sea access in parts.
Nearby AttractionsApartments for accommodation, varying in size, located 2-5 km away.
Cost ConsiderationsNo facility costs, but prepare for parking on gravel spots.
Best Time to VisitEarly mornings, around 09 am, for a solitary experience.
Beach EtiquetteRespect the natural environment, limited facilities mean bringing your own essentials.

First Impressions: Brizenica Bay Beach, a hidden gem just outside Stari Grad on Hvar Island, Croatia, is a serene retreat known for its natural beauty and tranquil environment.

Natural Features: The beach is characterized by its cobblestone composition, flanked by rocks, and adorned with pine trees providing natural shade. The sea access varies, offering both shallow areas suitable for children and deeper parts ideal for jumping and underwater exploration.

Man-made Features: Despite its charm, the beach lacks facilities like toilets or showers, emphasizing its untouched nature.


  • Accessibility: The beach is a short 5-minute drive from Stari Grad, with the last 1.5 kilometers on a white road. Parking is available on gravel spots near the beach.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Absence of facilities, bringing visitors closer to nature.
  • Safety: The varied sea access caters to both weak swimmers and those seeking adventure.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is well-maintained, reflecting its natural, unspoiled character.
  • Crowd: Known more to locals, the beach is less crowded, offering a peaceful experience.


  • Water Activities: Shallow access for safe swimming, and deeper areas for jumping and exploring.
  • Land Activities: Trekking through the forest path to reach the beach adds an element of adventure.

Nearby Attractions: Various apartments catering to different group sizes are available, ranging from 2-person accommodations to larger ones for up to 31 persons. Some are located more than 2 km and up to 5 km away from the beach.

Local Tips: The beach’s lesser-known status makes it a favorite among locals. Its natural shade and small coves offer perfect spots for solitude. The challenging trek to the beach is part of the adventure.

Recommendation: Brizenica Bay Beach is highly recommended for those seeking a quiet, natural beach experience. The lack of facilities is compensated by the beach’s serene beauty and the adventure of reaching it. Morning visits, especially around 09 am, are ideal for a more solitary experience. Be prepared for limited parking and choose the left path from the road for easier access.

Maslinica Beach (Vrboska)

Overall Rating6/10
Cleanliness8/10 – Very clean water, some trash on the gravel beach.
Accessibility7/10 – Accessible by path, challenging descent, sturdy footwear recommended.
Facilities4/10 – No facilities; visitors must be self-sufficient.
Activities5/10 – Excellent for swimming and snorkeling, enjoying the natural setting.
CrowdSecluded – Quiet, especially in the mornings.
Natural FeaturesPebble beach, turquoise blue water, surrounded by nature.
Man-made FeaturesLacks infrastructure; no showers or toilets.
Family-FriendlinessSuitable for families, children, and non-swimmers.
Nearby AttractionsThe beach’s natural beauty is its main attraction.
Cost ConsiderationsNo costs for beach access, but bring necessities.
Best Time to VisitMornings for a more peaceful experience.

First Impressions: Maslinica Beach, a hidden gem in Vrboska on the island of Hvar, Croatia, is a pebble beach known for its clear water and tranquil environment. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking relaxation and a peaceful atmosphere.

Natural Features: The beach is characterized by its rocks and gravel, surrounded by magnificent nature. The turquoise blue waters and natural beauty make it a picturesque location.

Man-made Features: Despite its natural allure, Maslinica Beach lacks developed infrastructure. There are no facilities like showers or toilets, so visitors should plan to be self-sufficient.


  • Accessibility: The beach is fairly easily accessible via a path suitable for walking or cycling, though the descent can be challenging. Sturdy footwear is recommended.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Visitors should bring their own necessities, as there are no services available on-site.
  • Safety: The beach is suitable for families, children, and non-swimmers, offering a safe environment.
  • Cleanliness: The water is very clean, though some trash may be found at the gravel part of the beach.
  • Crowd: Maslinica Beach is a secluded cove, typically quiet, especially in the mornings, attracting a pleasant and peaceful crowd.


  • Water Activities: Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, with lots of wildlife to discover in the clear waters.
  • Land Activities: Enjoying the idyllic bay and the natural shade provided by the surrounding trees.

Nearby Attractions: The beach itself is a natural attraction, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

Recommendation: Maslinica Beach is highly recommended for those seeking a secluded, natural beach experience. It’s perfect for early risers looking for tranquility and for snorkeling enthusiasts. However, be prepared for a lack of facilities and bring all necessary items.

Milna Beach (Milna)

Overall Rating8.5/10
Cleanliness8/10 – Generally clean, less crowded even during peak seasons.
Accessibility10/10 – Centrally located, easy to access.
Facilities9/10 – Well-equipped with chairs, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, and more. Lack of public toilets.
Activities7/10 – Snorkeling, boccia, and relaxing under palm trees.
CrowdModerately Busy – Balancing tranquility and a social vibe.
Natural FeaturesRocks and gravel, suitable for families and romantic outings.
Man-made FeaturesComprehensive beach infrastructure including refreshments stands, restaurants, and rental facilities.
Family-FriendlinessHighly suitable for families, with child-friendly beaches and amenities.
Nearby AttractionsConnection to Henry VIII Tudor legend, cafes, and a church.
Cost ConsiderationsReasonable prices for amenities; 15 € for sun umbrellas and chairs for a day.
TipsBe cautious about the rocky entrance and the presence of boats near the swimming area.

First Impressions: Milna Beach, set in the charming coastal fishing village of Milna on Hvar Island, is renowned for its child-friendly beaches and excellent fish restaurants. It offers south-facing views towards Vis, encapsulating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Natural Features: The beach is a picturesque blend of rocks and gravel, ideal for families, romantic outings, and those seeking an idyllic bay experience.

Man-made Features: The beach is well-equipped with a range of facilities including a localized bathing zone, public parking, natural shade, refreshments stands, coffeehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, beach chair and umbrella rentals, showers, changing rooms, and public toilets.


  • Accessibility: Milna Beach is easily accessible, located in the midtown area and well-attended due to its central location.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The beach offers parasol and lounge chair rentals, along with stands for refreshments and bars. However, the absence of public toilets and trash bins is noted, though hotel facilities can be used.
  • Safety: During peak season, a dividing line is set up to protect bathers from boats and water sports activities.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is generally clean and less crowded, even during peak seasons like August.
  • Crowd: The beach maintains a moderately busy atmosphere, offering a balance between tranquility and social vibe.


  • Water Activities: Snorkeling is a popular activity here, along with enjoying the gently sloping shores under the cooling shade of palm trees.
  • Land Activities: Boccia is available, and the beach’s proximity to restaurants and taverns on the waterfront promenade adds to its appeal.

Nearby Attractions: Milna’s connection to the Henry VIII Tudor legend and its cute cafes and a small church nearby enhance the beach’s historical and cultural appeal.

Local Tips: The beach is perfect for family outings, offering clear water and relative tranquility. Visitors should be aware of the lack of a clean and soft entrance to the sea, and may use hotel facilities for toilets.

Recommendation: Milna Beach is highly recommended for families and those seeking a combination of good food, wine, and fantastic views. The prices for amenities like sun umbrellas and chairs are reasonable (around 15 € for an entire day).

Palmižana Beach (Pakleni Islands)

Overall Rating8.1/10
Cleanliness8.5/10 – Well-maintained beach and surroundings.
Accessibility6/10 – Accessible by water taxi, adding to the exclusivity.
Facilities9/10 – Expensive sunbeds, cocktail bar, marina, restaurants, art gallery, and more.
Activities9/10 – Beach relaxation, nature walks, cultural and dining experiences.
CrowdDiverse – Attracts a wide range of visitors.
Natural FeaturesStunning bays, giant olive trees, rich botanical environment.
Man-made FeaturesHigh-quality restaurants, art gallery, shop, cultural program, botanical garden.
Travel TipsWater taxi primary transportation; sunbeds around €25; boat return ticket €15.
AccommodationPlenty of options available for extended stays.
Dining and LeisureVaried dining experiences and a cocktail bar on the water.
MarinaHosts the main ACI marina in the area.
Nature WalksStunning walks on Sveti Klement, potentially more impressive than Hvar.

First Impressions: Palmižana Beach, set on the quaint island of Klement in the Pakleni Islands, Croatia, is a well-established tourist haven with a rich history dating back to 1906. This beach is more than just a seaside retreat; it’s a hub of cultural and natural beauty.

Natural Features: The area is renowned for its stunning bays and natural settings, including giant olive trees and a rich botanical environment, offering a truly immersive nature experience.

Man-made Features: Palmižana doesn’t just offer a beach experience; it’s a destination with high-quality restaurants, an art gallery, a shop, a cultural program, and a botanical garden, providing a diverse range of attractions.


  • Accessibility: The beach is uniquely accessible by water taxi from various locations, including Hvar, adding to the adventure and exclusivity of the visit.
  • Facilities/Amenities: The beach offers a range of facilities, including expensive sunbeds (around €25) and a cocktail bar on the water. The ACI marina also adds to the convenience for visitors arriving by boat.
  • Safety: The beach and the island are safe for visitors, with no specific safety concerns highlighted.
  • Cleanliness: The beach and its surroundings are well-maintained, reflecting its long-standing tourism tradition.
  • Crowd: Palmižana attracts a diverse crowd, from beach-goers to cultural enthusiasts.


  • Water Activities: The beach itself is a gateway to relaxation and seaside enjoyment.
  • Land Activities: Visitors can indulge in stunning nature walks on the island of Sveti Klement, which are potentially more impressive than those on Hvar.

Nearby Attractions: The beach’s proximity to a range of attractions, including exclusive restaurants, an art gallery, and a botanical garden, makes it a unique destination.

Local Tips: The water taxi is the primary mode of transportation, with a return ticket costing approximately €15. Plan your return trip, as boats return to Hvar hourly between 4-7 PM. For those staying longer, the island offers a variety of accommodation and dining experiences.

Recommendation: Palmižana Beach is highly recommended for those seeking a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and leisure activities. It’s perfect for both short visits and longer stays, with ample accommodation options available.

Mlini Beach (Pakleni Islands)

Overall Rating7/10
Cleanliness9/10 – Well-maintained with natural beauty.
Accessibility6/10 – Accessible via boat taxi, slightly less convenient than mainland beaches.
Facilities7/10 – Sunbeds for rent, restaurant available, option to bring own food.
Activities6/10 – Ideal for swimming and sunbathing, both on pebble beach and isolated rocks.
CrowdVariable – Can get overcrowded with tour boats, less crowded early in the day or off-season.
Natural FeaturesPebble beach, isolated rocks, crystal clear waters, rocky sea bed.
Man-made FeaturesSunbeds (€15 or 100 kuna/day), restaurant with excellent food options.
Best Time to VisitEarly in the day, preferably before 10 am, to avoid crowds and secure a good spot.
TipsWear sea shoes for comfort, consider renting a boat for group travel.

First Impressions: Mlini Beach, located on the east side of Marinkovac Island, is a picturesque destination featuring a pebble beach and isolated rocks, set against the backdrop of crystal clear sea waters. The westward sea currents play a crucial role in maintaining this clarity.

Natural Features: The beach is an idyllic spot for swimming and sunbathing, offering visitors the choice between its pebbly shores and solitary rocks.

Man-made Features: While the beach itself is more on the natural side, there is a small restaurant nearby, offering refreshments and excellent dishes, including grilled fish.


  • Accessibility: Accessible via a boat taxi from Hvar, the journey costs around €10 for a round trip. The beach’s location makes it a unique destination but slightly less accessible than mainland beaches.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Sunbeds are available for rent at €15 each for a day. The presence of a restaurant adds to the convenience, though visitors also have the option to bring their own food and drinks.
  • Safety: The calm, sheltered waters are ideal for swimming, but it’s advisable to wear sea shoes or sandals due to the stony beach and rocky sea bed.
  • Cleanliness: The beach is well-maintained, with its natural beauty enhanced by the sparkling minerals in its rocky landscape.
  • Crowd: The crowd level is variable, often getting overcrowded when tour boats arrive. Visiting early in the day or during the off-season can offer a more solitary experience.


  • Water Activities: The beach is perfect for swimming in its calm waters.
  • Land Activities: Sunbathing on the pebble beach or the isolated rocks is a popular activity.

Nearby Attractions: The beach’s location on Marinkovac Island itself is an attraction, offering a more secluded and natural environment compared to mainland beaches.

Local Tips: To avoid the crowds, aim to visit before 10 am. Consider the off-season for a more solitary experience. The rocky terrain calls for appropriate footwear, and renting a boat can be a cost-effective option for groups.

Recommendation: Mlini Beach is highly recommended for those seeking a mix of natural beauty and convenience. The best time to visit is early in the day to avoid crowds. For groups, renting a boat might offer a more economical and flexible experience. The beach’s rocky landscape and the option to bring your own food make it a versatile choice for different types of visitors.

Jerolim Island Nudist Beach (Jerolim Island, Pakleni Islands)

Overall Rating8.1/10
Cleanliness9/10 – High standards of cleanliness, contributing to its global recognition.
Accessibility6/10 – Accessible via a 20-minute taxi boat ride from Hvar.
Facilities9/10 – Well-equipped with showers, chairs, shops, dining options, and more.
Activities8.5/10 – Offers snorkeling, paddle boats, jet-ski.
CrowdDiverse – Welcoming to both clothed and naked visitors, with no pressure to conform.
Natural FeaturesRocky terrain, pristine waters, backed by a pine forest.
Man-made FeaturesSunbeds, showers, umbrellas, changerooms, toilets, shops, and dining facilities.
Family-FriendlinessSuitable for all types of visitors, including families.
Nearby AttractionsPart of the Pakleni Islands, known for their natural beauty.
Cost ConsiderationsSunbeds available at €5 for a full day. Dining and shopping options vary in price.
Best Side to VisitNorth beach preferred over the South. Taxi drop-off side recommended for better views and sea color.
Beach EtiquetteTowel essential, swimsuits optional. Respect the naturist nature of the beach.

First Impressions: Jerolim Beach, a gem on the Pakleni Islands, is renowned for its pristine nature and crystal-clear waters. Accessible via a 20-minute taxi boat ride from Hvar, this beach is a haven for those seeking a natural and tranquil environment.

Natural Features: The beach is celebrated for its rocky terrain and pristine waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming. It’s backed by a forest of pine trees, offering natural shade and enhancing its beauty. Notably, Jerolim is listed among the top 15 nudist beaches globally.

Man-made Features: The beach is well-equipped with outside showers, beach umbrellas, chairs for rent, changerooms, public toilets, and more. It also boasts a variety of shops including a newspaper stand, sporting goods store, beach goods shop, souvenir shop, and a grocery store.


  • Accessibility: The beach is a short, scenic 20-minute taxi boat ride from Hvar, making it easily accessible yet secluded.
  • Facilities/Amenities: Visitors can enjoy a wide range of facilities, including rentable sunbeds (€5 for a full day), a variety of shops, and multiple dining options like an à la carte restaurant, beach bar, cafe bar, and food stands.
  • Safety: The beach is safe and suitable for all types of visitors, including those new to snorkeling.
  • Cleanliness: Maintains high standards of cleanliness, contributing to its global recognition.
  • Crowd: Attracts a diverse crowd, both clothed and naked, with no pressure to conform. It’s a nudist beach but welcoming to all.


  • Water Activities: Ideal for snorkeling, especially for beginners, and offers options like paddle boats, jet-ski, and more.
  • Land Activities: Visitors can engage in volleyball.

Nearby Attractions: The beach is part of the Pakleni Islands, known for their natural beauty and serene environment.

Local Tips: Opt for the North beach over the South for a more pleasant experience, as the South can be windy and cold. The beach bar is a great spot to enjoy simple pleasures like a beer and a feta salad in a relaxed atmosphere.

Recommendation: Highly recommended, especially for those seeking a naturist experience. The side of the beach where the taxi drops off is particularly recommended for its vibrant sea colors and stunning views of Hvar. Remember, a towel is essential, and swimsuits are optional.

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